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  1. Hi, Thanks for helping me out here but I think I found an easier solution. Your solution would not have worked because in the place of the confirmation page I have a demo software.exe file so that the moment a client submits the form the software begins to download. I found that all I had to do in Front Page was this: In the Forms Properties box click on Options and then Email Results In the Reply-to: line click on Form Field Name and under that I typed in the name of the form field on the form that contains the email address of the client. The form is emailed to my server as coming from the email address entered by the client and the autoresoponder sends them the message. Thanks again for your help
  2. OK but I was under the impression that the website is forwarding the form so that the autoresponder would be replying to the website submission address and it would not automatically find the email of the client which is included in the form. I think somehow I have to find a way to segregate that email address in the form and be able to reply to it (by the way the form gets imported into our client software registration so I don't want to fool with changing it).
  3. thanks for that but I'm not sure I understand how that method would reply to the email address of the person who is submitting the form.
  4. I would like to have an autoresponder reply to the email address in my Front Page website form: http://www.q-check.com/register30days.htm Can anybody help me on this? Thanks and Regards
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