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  1. Tks Bruce- Ill open a ticket & hope it works as I do not want another program to have to merge with FP. The create form routine in FP should work, at least it would seem so to a rookie like me. To clarify- I can receive an email when I click submit but there is no data in it.
  2. Update: 1600 Hrs: Did the uninstall-reinstall in the CP. Resaved page in FP and published. The link to my designated email pulls up but there is no data attached. What now? Sorry to trouble you but I have looked in the FP manual, FP online, and TCH forum but can't find the solution, so I appreciate your help. Mike
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply. I publish directly from within FP to the http location. I have not tried the uninstall/re-in routine so Ill go do that now & report back. Tks again, Mike
  4. Trying to add a form to web site- have built form and it is viewable online, but it does not send form data via email. I used Form manager to direct form to an email addy, but no joy. Also, when I publish, I get an error msg saying: "This form cannot be configured to send results via email. The website may be located at a disk based location, or on a server that has not been configured to send email" Site is on TCH, w FP extensions enabled. Comments most appreciated! Mike T
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