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  1. I did read the tutorial on using FP last night. I'll try it when I get home today. I'm not really sure how to FTP the info to my site. I'm use to using FP uploading capabilities. How hard/easy is it to FTP??
  2. I've been using Frontpage 2002 to do my websites. Just recently I began having trouble uploading my subdomains. Tech support tells me FP is not good with subdomains. SO.....What is an alternative easy to use full feature web design program that is also inexpensive or I can find free?????????? I want/need to use subdomains because I want to give someone else editing power over a subdomain that won't affect/change the main pages in the process. Thanks for the help.
  3. Does anyone use www.localendar.com as a web based calendar added to their web site? I have used this but their page is not coming up today. Anyone else having problems with this site? Larry
  4. I would like to find out how much of my allotted space the email acounts are taking up with storage. Is there somewhere on cpanel I can read that? Either individually how much space or just a grand total would be ok. Larry
  5. So I want to give others an email address but i don't want to use up all my server space. How can they take their mail off of squirrelmail but still keep it? They don't want to permanently lose their mail.
  6. I've set up several new email addresses. But when I go to: ******/webmail using the new info it says I'm already logged in as my original email address. It does not let me log in under th enew email i created.
  7. With my TCH account I have unlimited email addresses. I want to take advantage of that and let others have email. I want to set up the accounts but can others change their own password without getting into my main cpanel? I think they will be using squirrel mail. I don't want or need to know their passwords, but I don't want them in my cpanel. Also does the amount of mail in anyone's account effect me the host in any way? I see the default is 10mb of stored mail. What if I had 30 people with 20mb of stored mail. Is that ok? Thanks, Larry
  8. Thanks for the help, I will see what I can do. I've really grown fond of using FP especially since I have 2 sites that I'm using it with right now. I wil look into the phpnuke too. I did go to cpanel and create another ftp to see how easy it is.
  9. could I do several pages or parts of the site with that phpnuke and use FP for the majority of the site?
  10. I do not yet know if they have frontpage or not. I was hoping they could use any HTML editer to upload to the particular pages. Would they have to have FP?
  11. Can I create an FTP user for each of those through the frontpage uploader or would I need to use an FTP program? I'm trying to make this really really simple stupid. I'm not yet clear on what I need to do. Larry
  12. I will be putting up a site for my homeowners assoc. I want to give some of the board members access to edit several pages for their individual neighborhoods, without giving them full access to editing all pages on the site. Can this be done? I currently use frontpage for all my website design if that matters. I also use the uploader right in FP. Thanks
  13. I'm trying to put a countdown clock on my page. I've gone to th ecpanel and set it up and copy and pasted the HTML to my page using my usual Frontpage. The HTML comes on th epage as HTML not as the design it should be. I've tried it several times and it just prints out on the page. thanks Larry http://www.wesmereoaks.com
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