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  1. Bill, keeping on our polite dialog I posted about my 10th anniversary with TCH at fb: http://www.facebook.com/bernard.fruga/posts/10201737399623965
  2. wow, this is great! now I am at my dashboard via https thank you, Bill I do appreciate your help
  3. Hi, I've noticed phplist 3 allows the https admin access. Sounds great to me but have no idea how to configure it on TCM. Would you help? I imagine that'd be somehow in the way as I am accessing cpanel via https://almania.tchmachines.com:2083 I'd feel safer connecting to the admin dashboard via https. Thanks, Bernard
  4. Hi, I host my phpBB forum on the server 89. Most of the users connects from Switzerland, and they complain the access is slow on most Saturdays mornings. Well, the Swiss morning would mean 2am - 4 am of the local time where the server is located. Is that just a coincidence or maybe they are right the trouble is caused by a weekly server backup run by TCH? Cheers, Bernard
  5. Thanks, Andy. I thought admins might prefer managing one thread for relatively similar topics. I will contact the support anyway. Your link help me a lot. Somehow I could not find that contact form on my own...
  6. I have another issue with expired domain. I tried to buy an expired domain (one of my friends did not pay his bill on time and lost his domain; I tried to regain his domain). Unfortunately I did not manage to buy the domain (some else bought it). And now I am puzzled with the cash Paid to TCH. I see I have a back-order credit on my account. Well, that's fine. However I am not planing to order any other domain. Can I use this credit in any other way (e.g. to renew my domain hosted by TCH)?
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