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  1. 1. I was wondering if its alright for me to host a website that describes products and services that I offer, there are no sales transactions online. I read the TOS, but a friend using your services said that it was against it, so I am kind of up in there air on this. 2. Again, like fantastico, cause I'm new, i have a domain that i want to use for one website i have, and ill be buying another domain for the other, on the same host that I will hopefully be getting from you. Configuring the domain I buy with your hosting should be easy enough, but the other domain I do not know how to configure, will you be able to help me with that even though it is not a domain i have bought from totalchoicehosting? 3. I do not hold a credit card, but have a debit card, and want to prepay for the site for one year, will I be able to do this, or MUST I have a credit card?
  2. I was mostly just wondering because i have never installed anything on a server before other than IPB 1.3, so fantastico when i used it was a good thing, junk or no junk.
  3. Does the cPanel have Fantastico? It was a really great thing I was using on my old server. If not... is there any way I can get Fantastico?
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