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  1. You folks have been helpful on a number of topics. Let me call on your good graces one more time, if I might. My present search is for a vendor that sells nicely-designed pre-packaged templates for web sites. Typically you get a basic design for the splash page, but can add your own photos, fonts and the like. I'm looking for a five or six package that I could use to help out a friend who needs an inexpensive site. Some firms offer nice templates, but then require that you use their hosting. I want to use Total Choice because of the very good service I've received in the past. Thanks. John
  2. Thanks for the welcome, Rob. I should have added that I am assuming that the server will be dedicated. I suspect that nobody would want us as a neighbor anyway.
  3. Let me describe a streaming video project that I am about to undertake. My specific question is: can you direct me to an individual, a firm or book that can provide me with good, solid advice about how to plan and execute this venture? I have a large number of video segments that I would like to make available over the Web on a site-license basis at my university and at other universities. (I teach.) The videos would be assigned selectively by the instructor in a class as part of a day’s assignment. Students would access the videos on their own computers or in a computer lab. Most of the users would likely have fast lines. There are about 250 separate video segments. They have been professional produced. The total amount of video is about 700 minutes. On any given day, segments with 6 to 10 minutes of video are likely to be assigned to a class. Let’s assume that there will be 1000 student users each semester. I have an excellent local company that will do the compression and encoding of the video. But they are less well versed on the actual hosting of streaming video. Here are some of the questions that I would ask the expert you recommend: (1) What type of hosting arrangement do I need?; (2) What is the accepted wisdom about the number of video viewers to “support”? Each viewer (Media Player, QuickTime, etc.) requires a separate encoding, I have been told; (3) How portable is the video once it is compressed? Can it easily be moved to a new server?; (4) What are the most important qualities to look for in a hosting company for streaming video?; (5) Will it be possible for instructors to create a link from a digital syllabus directly to an individual video?; (6) How is a licensee’s period of access to the videos controlled? Where are those controls located? And there about another half-million questions that occur to me. Again, what I am really look for are suggestions of people who are extremely capable and provide consulting services on structuring and managing a large streaming video project. Thank you in advance for your help. John
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