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  1. Hi, Since you were so helpful last time, I have another question. I'm trying to add some fields to the mysql database with php script which are in Hebrew. The script does it job o.k., the variables & output looks just fine in the browser - but when I try to retrieve the data from the database, I get something like that: >1 כדגכ ד (looks like the convertion to Hebrew, but it's wouldn't show it like it should) Well... I know I have to set that the database could use uft-8, but I don't know how to set it up.... Any ideas? I've attached picture shows how it's shows on the phpmyadmin.
  2. Thank you both very!!!!! That's was what I needed.....
  3. It's kinda wierd.... the web server should know how the user that login to the pages, it should have been saved somewhere during all the session. Maybe I could read it from a cookie or something.... I asked the support, but don't help with these kind of stuff....
  4. I'm using any script yet. I'm talking about the pop-up that the server brings when you get into protected directories. I'm tring to catch the username from that pop-up windows, but it's script that hidden from us, as much as I know....
  5. Hello, How do I get the currect username typed on the pop-up password dialog box after the user is in the protected directory? I mean, the user get the pop-up, type in his user name and password and then I want the php script to grab him username as varabile. Somthing like >$username= .....; I just don't know what is the missing "....."
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