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  1. Coppermine Questions

    since i noticed that tch people seemed to know more about coppermine, i decided to switch over to coppermine, all because of thumbnailing. #1: i'm having a bit of trouble just uploading the pictures. it says so i am pretty confused. #2: how do you install imagemagick? if you don't know, i can try gd. can gd support gifs? and if you know how to install gd for coppermine, please tell. thanks so much!
  2. How To Use Imagemagick With 4images

    yeah, 4images is probably Coppermine's biggest 'competitor'...or, well, let's say 4image is used as much as Coppermine is.
  3. Okay, sorry, I'm a noobie so if this isn't the right forum i'm super sorry. But could someone give me a step-by-step on how to use imagemagick with 4images? I am SSSSOO confused.