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  1. Seriously Im starting to think Im going crazy. I gathered it all in one file to delete it and its now working. Im not going to ask how or why I am just going to accept that WP is now up and running.
  2. Im not really sure where it is. I think thats part of the problem - I cant even pull it up to log into the admin now. And I dont have any archives Im starting this blog new. I cant figure WP out. I am reading the Moveable Type info and if that doesnt work then I am just going to skip the blog. Thanks for the help.
  3. Okay new question. I have somehow managed to screw this up. I am not even computer illiterate (I completely wrote another website in straight HTML with no problems) but for some reason this stuff is getting the best of me. Do you know of a dumbeddown version of the installation instructions for Wordpress anywhere? I followed the instructions on this site but apparently those are too advanced for me. I am trying to put the blog so that it appears at www.site.com/blog and now I cant even get back into the WP admin. I am thinking it might be best for me to uninstall this and try again. So if you happen to know any idiots guide to installing wp I would be grateful.
  4. Changing the password to lowercase worked. Thanks! And thanks for all the welcomes. I signed up for your hosting because a friend told me that everyone here were really nice and helpful and its true!
  5. I know you must get this same question over and over but I just cant figure out whats wrong. define('DB_NAME', 'zzsfyhw_Blog'); define('DB_USER', 'zzsfyhw_fsu'); define('DB_PASSWORD', 'mypassword') define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); I changed the password to protect the not so innocent. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I know its something silly but I just dont see it. Thanks
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