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  1. Thanks for your patient and detailed reply Paul The 'contact page' problem has been solved & I have been able to set up a contact page now. I kinda thought that the pages were created dynamically every time a request was sent. You are right about 'page categorization' as well. I am not able to categorize a post - my mistake. Your reply was really helpful in understanding some basic concepts about WP ! Thanks once again Shriram
  2. Finally I figured out the reason for my getting a 404 error. I had to change the file permissions of the .htaccess file to '666'. I didnt try doing it earlier i had changed the contents of the file to enable permalinks. Thanks a lot for your replies -Shriram
  3. Hi, I am still stuck at the same point. Any kind of assistance regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Shriram
  4. Hi Paul, Thanks a bunch once again for taking time and explaining everything in detail. I very much appreciate the efforts that you have taken to explain the permalinks concept to a WP newbie like me. I have now understood the concept behind permalinks and so have deleted the contact folder and the files inside it. Still i am facing a problem. When i am composing a page, i am able to find the form at the end of the page (preview section) and i save the page name as contact with the slug as contact again so that i can access the page at http://www.mistymusings.com/contact/ the only problem is that once i save the page i am not able to view the page at that location. i get a 404 error as WP is not able to find the page. i have a few questions here. hope am not bugging you too much 1.If a page is similar to a post, then wouldnt it have a format just like a post if permalinks were enabled. (i.e) shouldn't i search for the contact page at http://www.mistymusings.com/2005/09/02/contact/ (or something like that though i agree it doesnt make sense this way) 2.Where are all the posts stored? WP has been installed at the root folder in my system. I know that the content of the posts is stored in the mysql DB but where r the files stored physically? Or is it something like its created dynamically everytime a request is sent by taking the content from the DB? 3. Should i categorize my contact page and if i do , i get the page even when i am searching for posts filed under the same category. i dont want this page to show up anywhere else apart from where it is required (the link in my header page) hope my questions make some sense atleast thanks a lot in advance ... Cheers, Shriram
  5. i am really confused now. Should i delete the folder named 'contact' which i had created before (under public_html) which had the index.php like you mentioned and create a new contact.php having only "<!--contact form-->" ? Should i place this file in the same dir as my other theme files? Thanks, Shriram
  6. Thank you so much Bruce and Paul The information you guys provided was really helpful I have now updated my permalink structure and have also modified the .htaccess file. So all posts have a neat [slug-title] which looks real cool I have also activated the latest version of Contact Form and i am now able to customize it using the Options tab. The problem i am now facing is this. I have created a contact folder under public_html and have placed one php file 'index.php' inside it containing "<!--contact form-->" (without the quotes). So when i type myblog/contact this php is being called & the form doesn't appear but a blank page appears. If i create a page instead of a post and type the same content, i can see the form when i am saving it preview mode. But am not sure as to how to save the page inside a dir from WP. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks again, Shriram
  7. Hi , I am planning to add an 'about me' page and a 'contact me' page to my blog. The header file of my current theme contains the links to it and it has been disabled as of now. I want the link to be of this format "www.mistymusings.com/about/" when I hover above the link. I tried using ryanduff's 'WP Contact Form' but I am facing issues when I try to configure it in the Options page. When i click on the 'Contact Form' link in my Options page, it gives me a 404 error saying 'The requested URL /wp-admin/options-contactform.php was not found on this server.' As per the docs, i dont need to place a options-contactform.php manually anywhere. Any other related plugins or ideas on how to go about doing it would be really appreciated Thanks in advance. Cheers, Shriram
  8. Thanks everyone Am glad it worked too ...
  9. Hi Paul, I finally found a fix at http://catsutorials.catsudon.org/?p=15#comment-249 Looks like other folks had apparently faced the same problem and so someone has given a modified blogger import script which is available there and it works just fine. I've now imported all my blogger posts along with the comments too. If anyone else is facing the same problem, you may use the modified script too. Thanks once again for helping me out Paul Cheers, Shriram
  10. A big thanks for your replies I didn't give the right description of the file names alright. here are some of them. 2004_07_01_wordpress.php 0 k 644 2004_10_01_wordpress.php 1 k 644 All the files reside in the same dir where WP is installed. i've installed WP on the root and not under a sub dir. I am pasting the content of one of the files here. <wordpresspost>3/18/2005 05:24:00 PM|||Shriram|||<div style="clear:both;"></div><span style="font-size:85%;"><span style="font-family: verdana;"><br />Get on up when you're down<br />Baby, take a good look around<br />I know it's not much, but it's okay<br />Keep on moving anyway<br /><br />Feels like I should be screaming<br />Trying to get it through to my friends<br />Sometimes it feels that life has no meaning<br />But I know things will be alright in the end<br /><br />I like the above quoted paragraphs from the song "Keep on moving" a lot . I guess it makes a lotta sense when you are kinda down and trying to gather yourself !<br /><br />I really hope things become alright real soon ...<br /><br /></span></span><div style="clear:both; padding-bottom: 0.25em;"></div>|||111114731935302597|||Keep on moving ...<wordpresspost>3/13/2005 05:42:00 PM|||Shriram|||<div style="clear:both;"></div><span style="font-size:85%;"><span style="font-family: verdana;"><br />Bruce Springsteen was bang on target when he sang<br /><br />"J</span>oke's on me, It's gonna be okay<br />If I can just get through this lonesome day ... "<br /><br /></span><span style="font-size:85%;"><span style="font-family: verdana;"></span><span style="font-family: verdana;">What more need i say???</span><br /></span><div style="clear:both; padding-bottom: 0.25em;"></div>|||111071627717395933|||Lonesome Day ... I've gone thro both the links that you guys have asked me to go through and none of them has an answer for this problem I think 'Bam' also faced the same problem as mine and i dont want to manually import the posts. Any suggestions?
  11. Hi, After installing WP on my server( http://www.mistymusings.com ), i tried to import my blogger posts as explained in http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=19500 but I got stuck at the last step. I now have all the posts in the WP dir as (date)*.php files after having published them from blogger to my WP dir but am not able to use the file import-blogger.php present in the wp-admin dir. At the third step where I have to press OK, nothing happens and am stuck with the same page getting reloaded. Am i making a mistake here? Thanks in advance & have a great day ... Cheers, Shriram
  12. I was able to install WP finally !!! I was getting a 404 error coz i was directly using my IP instead of using IP/username. I for a moment thought I had a dedicated IP A big thanks to everyone who helped me out Cheers, Shriram
  13. I was also thinking of using my IP to access my site till i configured WP. Thanks for reminding me to change the nameserver settings but i still am not able to access the files Will try the install once again. Thanks a bunch once again Dick
  14. I access my site using my IP and not the domain name. Should i still change my name servers coz i've redirected all traffic to my existing blogger account till i get this site up and running. Thanks
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