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  1. Okay -- thanx Samrc!!!! That's starting to point me in the right direction -- more work ahead!! Yes it is CuteSite Builder I'm using and am excited about the eventual upgrade (about time!) You folks are great! Hi All! vyzer
  2. sorry for not being more clear! I already use the Menu FX Tool with Site Builder. It works great and exactly as you say -- it generates code that I simply paste into the Site Builder pages via the Insert HTML. No problem there. I'm now trying to go beyond what the Menu FX Tool offers and am trying a new program called Xtivity which doesn't SEEM to generate this code. I thought I'm just not understanding the program but then I found some other Flash templates on the web that just offered the files with no code for embedding in the Site Builder. So.... I'm hoping someone might say: "sure, here's a code template - just insert the .swf name and such and use the Insert HTML command and you're good to go" or maybe more realistically,: "no, dummy! All flash programs produce the HTML code you seek. Go back and study the program some more." Anything that points me in the right direction is helpful!! Oh, By the way, "1 Cool Menu FX Tool" is really a neat program and works great with Site Builder. You can see a simple use of it at www.cburkephotography.com The site is underconstruction currently so things are changing on it. If you go to www.cburkephotography.com/newtestmenu4/ you'll see some alternative effects. (links aren't hooked up on that page). The whole site is made with Site Builder which I've used now for over 6 years (when it was still trellix). thanx!
  3. I noticed under an thread, that a few folks mentioned inserting Flash files via the Insert HTML function. While I've used "1 Cool Menu FX Tool" - it creates the code to use in the Site Builder Pages. I'm now experimenting with other Flash building programs but can't figure out how to get then working in my Site Builder web sites. They do not produce the code as FX Tool does. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated. I'm new to coding so I don't always immediately understand how to get things to function Thanx!!! vyzer
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