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  1. Yeah, that is what I was expecting to be able to do. However, during installation step 1/3 I am asked for the Installation Location and my only choice is "jmjlandscapeconstruction.com" which is in a drop down list next to the text "Install on domain". Is there something that I should be doing before I try to run an install?
  2. Hi, I am trying to install soholaunch using the link in Fantastico and after successfully completing step 1/3 of the new installation, I get the following error message: "Install Pro Edition (2/3) The installation can not be completed: - You chose to install in the main directory of the domain jmjlandscapeconstruction.com, but there are conflicting filenames, therefore we can not proceed. Following filenames already exist in the main directory of the domain jmjlandscapeconstruction.com (path="/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/").You must manually remove these files before proceeding with auto-installation: images Click on the browser's Back button to fix reported errors." Am I to delete the "images" subfolder under "/public_html" before I can proceed with an installation? Any help is appreciated; I'm sorry if this is not the correct location to post this questions; there are so many forums to choose from! Thanks, John
  3. Thanks I got it. You helped me out once again bruce!
  4. Hey, I have a real dumb question...I want to make it so only registered users can post on my forum. I am currently using phpBB...how can I go about doing this? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, I'm still having username/password problems...I just submitted a help desk ticket though.
  6. I'm gonna try Thunderbird...what settings do I have to enter? Thanks
  7. Yes it was, good call bruce! However, now it doesn't receive email....If I use my email (John[at]thebigtimer.com) and password for the email account it is not accepted. However, if I use the username and password given to me by TCH for my domain it is accepted but I cannot receive any mail. Any thoughts? Edit: TCH-Bruce - edited email address to prevent spam bots from harvesting. People please don't post your email addresses in the forums. The forum is googled all the time. If you value your privacy don't do it!
  8. I'm having this same problem. I can now only send email but I cannot receive it. As for using my full email address for the user name, I put: John[at]thebigtimer.com and my password and it wont accept it. The only username and password it accepts is the one given to me by TCH for my domain. Edit: TCH-Bruce - changed email address so spam bots don't harvest it.
  9. Got it! Thanks guys, I'm all fixed!
  10. I'm not really sure what you mean Bruce....how can I tell if I am authenticating myself through my domain?
  11. Sorry, here is the error message, I was having trouble trying to copy and paste it:
  12. I configured my outlook 2003 correctly however I receive an error when I try to send emails. I read that some ISP block port 25 (mine is comcast hi-speed) so I changed the outgoing port to 26 and that gave me more errors. Is there anyway to fix this? I'm not sure if I'm giving enough information let me know if you need to know anything else. I really wanna use Outlook 2003 for my email and not have to use the webmail constantly. Thanks.
  13. Sorry, I have one more question...how do I change the target to the link of the image I placed on the forum. Also how can I get rid of the text on the top right (The Big Timer)? Thanks so much!
  14. My web site is at: www.thebigtimer.com and if you click on the link to the forum you will see that the phpbb image appears on the top of my forum. I would like to change that to a custom image, how do I go about doing this? Thanks
  15. You are really the man Bruce, I owe you big time!
  16. awww man now my side bar dropped all the way to the bottom.....how did this end up happening?!?? I just noticed it.
  17. I just winded up deleting my blog name in the control panel....it does the trick....could this be bad in anyway?
  18. I kept the same name: kubrickheader.jpg and just over rode the file....the image appears when I don't delete the tag info for my blog title....the whole header disappears when I do..
  19. I just tried that and if you'd like, take a look at my page (http://www.thebigtimer.com) you can see what happens, it just goes blank...
  20. K, I got the image I want to use working in the header but when I try to get rid of the name of my page being automatically placed at the top the whole header goes blank and I have to replace it with a new file. It's just one thing after another with me
  21. I am currently using the mx4_theme by kubrick and would like to change the heading image as well as remove where it automatically displays the name of my page in the header. How can I go about doin this? Here is the code that appears in my header.php file: #header { background: url(%3C?php\ bloginfo\(\'stylesheet_directory\') no-repeat bottom center; } So I dont see where to change the image....
  22. You guys will not believe what the problem was, I feel so stupid! The users were not putting their usernames in exactly as they appear in the database. They put in "user1" instead of "User1". All those headaches for something that silly, I love computers
  23. ....at least now I know I'm not just going crazy. Let me know what you find when trying to figure it out, this things killin me.
  24. Does anyone one else have this problem with their WordPress account? I really dont wanna have to re-install everything and start from scratch...especially if I'm not even positive that it will work then.
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