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  1. OK, this is weird. About a week ago, my blog (www.isthatlegal.org) began showing big problems on loading -- especially in Internet Explorer (but also, apparently, with other browsers too -- I use Firefox and the problems are slight, but others tell me they're having trouble even in Firefox). I think it's a javascript problem. To see the problem, just open up Internet Explorer (painful as that may be) and go to http://www.isthatlegal.org You'll find that the page hangs on loading, and if you try to scroll down, you get gibberish. To see a more specific version of the problem, or perhaps an additional one, go to an individual entry: http://www.isthatlegal.org/archives/2007/0...udy_giulia.html The individual entry page produces the following IE error: I've looked in all my templates to see whether I can find where this is being generated, but I can't find a thing that looks relevant. Can somebody help me out here? I'm getting a lot of complaints from readers about slow loading and errors. Thanks!!! --Eric
  2. Could I ask for someone's help? Yesterday I realized that I had a huge number of junk comments to my MT blog (www.isthatlegal.org) that I had never gone in and deleted. So I instructed MT to delete them all. It has done so; they're gone. But ever since, I've noticed that the functionality of MT has slowed way down, especially my ability to access comments (and often my ability to access the MT interface entirely). The server waits and waits and waits and waits ... Eventually it goes through, but sometimes I get a 404 error instead. Any ideas what might be going on? Thanks!
  3. emuller

    MT Comments

    Perhaps I was unclear in my initial message. (Thanks for the speedy responses, by the way!!) The lag is not in accessing the comments; it's something I experience when I try to access the comment-management page from the Movable Type interface. And this is something I experience almost all the time, for the last couple of weeks.
  4. emuller

    MT Comments

    Hi. For a couple of weeks now I have noticed that the server is very sluggish in responding only when I try to get to my comments on my blog. All other functionality is speedy as usual (creating new posts, etc.). But when I try to go the listing of my comments, the server hangs up for a long time and sometimes gives me a timeout error. Is anyone else finding this? Any suggestions for a fix? Thanks. --Eric blog: http://www.isthatlegal.org
  5. On 9/22, my AwStats stopped tracking hits to my site. Entirely. I was showing between 2,000 and 8,000 per day up until then, and the last several days show ... zero. I know this to be false. Any ideas about what happened? Thanks.
  6. Good morning folks! A quick question about AwStats: I understand that it compiles statistics but once a day. Is it possible, though, to have AwStats give statistics *just for a specific date*, as opposed to for the whole week, month, etc.? In other words, if I'd like to know which sites referred to my blog *only yesterday* (rather than during the whole month of August), can I ask it to do that? (I've looked around a good bit, but can't seem to figure out how to make it do that.) Thanks!! --Eric
  7. It appears to me that AwStats, accessible via Cpanel, updates stats only once a day, shortly after midnight. Am I wrong about this? I hope so, because I often need to figure out which sites are referring to my blog in the last hour or two, rather than which ones did so yesterday. Thanks in advance for any help folks can offer.
  8. A very strange thing... A few days ago, I switched my blog (http://www.isthatlegal.org) from the university webspace where it was living to TCH. I propagated the blog over to TCH a few days ago. Everything was hunky-dory! When I went to bed last night, after posting a couple of things to my blog, the site was in tip-top shape. This morning, the blog appears somehow magically to have reverted to the university webspace, and I can't get access to cpanel or Moveable Type on TCH anymore. The only version of MT that I can access is the one on the university webspace, not on TCH, and I can't get at cpanel there either. Strangely, the only way I can get to cpanel is if I go in via the alternative,, that TCH sent me in my "welcome" email when I signed up for TCH. It looks to me like the DNS somehow propagated back to the original server ... but when I check at register.com, where I bought my domain, it shows the two TCH addresses, not the old university ones. Does anyone have *any* idea what might be going on? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the welcome, Rob. What a nice support community this is! With a little bit of "extra help" via IM from Rick, I think I'm ready to propagate my blog to the TCH server. Right now I've got it all set up and ready to go, but it's still only on, rather than on www.isthatlegal.org. One last question: What will I need to go in and change--and where--in order to get everything properly propagated? I know I'll need to change the site path and such in MT. Are there other things that might be less obvious? Thanks!!!!
  10. You guys are the cat's pyjamas! OK, I'm much further along now... I was able to import all my old stuff from my old blog. All of the entries are there on the "entries list" page. Very cool. Here's the trouble, though: they're not actually making it onto the new blog itself. It looks like this: http://server61.totalchoicehosting.com/~pcsltwwy/ Any ideas why the posts aren't making it onto the published blog?
  11. I appreciate the continued help, David. This is, unfortunately, going in somewhat the wrong direction for me at the moment... These are the settings that appeared after I got MT running. (I did not put any of these in; they were there "automatically"): Local Site Path: /home3/<cpanelusername>/public_html/ Site URL: http: // Local Archive Path: /home3/<cpanelusername>/public_html/archives Archive URL: I would indeed like the blog to appear at the root of the site--currently, and, once I propagate, www.isthatlegal.org. I see no "home3" or "home" anywhere in the file structure when I look there via cpanel file manager or ftp. I know this must seem terribly basic, but if someone could point the way here, I'd be very thankful.
  12. Actually, it is telling me I have not "set" a local site path. Just to be precise.
  13. OK, now I'm confused. It sounds as though my local site path is correct, based on what you've said. (mt-check.cgi confirmed that it's "home3", by the way.) So, if the local site path is correct, then why does rebuilding the site lead to an error that says I have not chosen a local site path?
  14. Right you were, David! Thanks a million! Now when I rebuild, it tells me that I didn't set my local site path. Right now that path -- set by MT by default, I guess -- is /home3/<TCHusername>/public_html/ And it should be ... what?
  15. Thanks for the excellent help thus far!!!!! Next question: I'm trying to migrate the various templates from my existing blog (http://www.isthatlegal.org) to the MT blog I'm in the process of setting up on TCH. I have not yet propagated the blog to the TCH. This means that everything on my blog is still accessible via<tchusername>. Here's the trouble I'm hitting right now. I need to rebuild the blog in order to see whether I've moved all the templates over properly, but the "rebuild" button on the MT interface gets me a 404 error. And I can't figure out a different way to rebuild. Suggestions? Thanks!
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