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  1. Hi - I have always enjoyed doing business with you and was wondering if you had any special rates for a non-profit organization I am representing?
  2. Thank you for your kind greetings! The site should be added as commercial. Thank You!
  3. I am setting up some auction software on my home computer and want to run the email using my website email at TCH. I read the article titled "email setup" but was lost because I was not sure from the article where I was making the changes from... the cpanel? I did not see such information there. With the auction software I was prompted to enter the following: email host, login name and password, email address (email with this host) and I additionally selected SMTP. I am confused what TCH info I put in and what my current home line ISP info I put in? Is it even possible what I am trying to do? I contacted technical support and they suggested to check the user forum Thanks - Renee
  4. I would be most appreciative to receive a reciprocal link from you DETAILS: Website: Madame Renee Little Lingerie: Fine Miniature Lingerie for Fashion Dolls, Barbie, and Silkstone Fine Miniature Lingerie for Fashion Dolls, Barbie, Silkstone; specializing in fishnet stockings and bullet bras for your Barbie or Fashion Doll! Reciprocal link located at the bottom of the home page Most Sincerely, Madame Renee
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