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  1. I'm back.. and have solved the problem using the method Don recommends. I installed a second copy from cPanel, backed up the first forum using the internal phpBB backup and then restored it to the second using the internal restore. That recreated the structure and content of the first board in my new test board. The only glitch was that logging in to the second put me in the first. That turned out to be a cookie thing and I had to go into my browser and get rid of old cookies from the original site and also change the name of the cookie in the new site to be different than the first. Thanks for the help .
  2. Thanks. I am trying to acheive a complete separation between 2 databases not share one, so that article seems to be a way to create the problem I am trying to get rid of, but sometimes it is helpful to know how to do that.
  3. Yah. I did delete the testforum database and the testforum folder and then did a freesh testforum install. That created a second forum with none of the categories, topics, members of GVforum and the two forums were able to operate independently. So far so good. Next I used the internal phpBB restore database function to load in a copy of GVforum's database that was slightly different than the current one because it lacked one forum category (ironically named Humour). That went well and at that point testforum looked like GVforum except for the one category difference I expected, - so my new forum lacked humour . Even better, I was now able to navigate either forum without it getting tangled with the other (as seen in the browser's url bar). It went bad though when I tried to log in to the administrators panel on testforum and ended up in the panel for GVforum. Also tried logging in as user and found that any attempt to login to testforum takes me to GVforum. Once logged in though I can go back to testforum and everything works OK, I even made a test post. However I cannot figure out how to log on to the administrator's panel in testforum. Always end up back at GVforum. BTW, the config.php files for the two installs mention different databases and the two forums behave like they keep the databases separate now. Remaining problem is the 'crossover' on login and inability to login to testforum's admin panel.
  4. Before I saw this I discovered how to use the phpMyAdmin/Operations/Copy database/ to create a second database named testforum. Seems to me that would do the same as above, right ? Then I started the second copy of the forum software that was installed in a folder called testforum, and told it to get scripts from testforum. However there was no apparent way to tell it what database to use and it seemed to go right on using the original GVforum database because when I added a caegory to one board it was also there in the other. So now I have the two databases I need but haven't changed the symptom. Maybe this is happening because I created the second forum by copying the first into a new folder. I think my next trick will be to do a fesh install into the folder testforum. Think it will see there is already a testforum database and choke ?
  5. OK. Now how does one create a second database ? PhpAdmin gave me an error message when I tried. Would it work to do a second install of phpBB to a different folder in my same server account ?
  6. Can't see how to edit the above so here is expanded version: There is no way to copy database tables either to a different folder or to a different filename in the same folder, that I can see in either cpanel or in phpAdmin. Also Using cpanel's filemanager I cannot locate the database files that phpAdmin shows me. Where are they ? I tried using PhpAdmin to create a new database and got the following error message: #1044 - Access denied for user: 'xxxxxx@localhost' to database 'xxxxxx_phpbb2' Would it work to install phpBB a second time, to a new folder? Would I then have to manually recreate the categories and forums to duplicate what Ihave on my 'live' forum ? How about if I backed up the structure in the live database and used that file in a restore operation to the second ? I know I could just experiment with this but I worry that the experiment might screw up the live forum. That's why I want the test forum in the first place. There must be a lot of forum administrators here, how have you set up a development version of your forum ? On a separate server ?
  7. Not what I signed up with TC to hear. There is now version 2.16 of phpBB. About how long does it usually take cpanel to provide an update ? Or does it depend on how long it takes Totalchoice to ask for (purchase?) one ?
  8. Is there a method available to copy an existing database to a new one with a different name ? Right now that would be pretty efficient because my forum is brand new and there are only a few posts.
  9. I have a phpBB forum up and running. It is installed in a folder named GVforum. I wanted to duplicate the forum exactly so that I can use the second copy to install and test mods, etc. What I tried was to copy the entire GVforum folder to a new folder called testforum. I was then able to start phpBB from the new folder, access the admin panel and go to general adnministration/configuration where I changed the script path to testforum and modified the forum title to testforum. That all seemed to be working until I went back to GVforum and discovered that the changes I made in testforum were also reflected in GVforum, and vice versa. I'm guessing that this is because the underlying sql database was being accessed by both copies. Is that right ? What do I need to do to keep the two copies of my forum on the same server and yet functionally separate them?
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