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    Search Feature

    Rob, Yes, Yes, Yes, you are the best you got it to work. I cut it to notepad and copied from there to Frontpage and it worked instantly. I m so excited not I have a search. Thank you so, so much for your help. I really appreciate it. Thank you for your patience. Michelle
  2. chrislg

    Search Feature

    Yes, that is exactly what I am pasting and I am pasting it into the HTML pane. Once I do that and I click on Normal or Preview pane it shows up like the HTML code. I even have gone as far as to publish it cause I thought maybe the reason it looks like a HTML code is because it is not published. Once it is published it shows up on the website in HTML code. I really apprecaiate your help on this. Michelle
  3. chrislg

    Search Feature

    I haven't got the search feature on my website as I cannot get it to work. my website is www.qualityniknaks.com. When I paste the html code in frontpage it doesn't work at all.. I am thinking i am not pasting the html code in the correct place or something. I am wanting to put the search on the homepage. I appreciate your help with this as I am in severe need of a search on my site. Michelle
  4. Thank you for adding Quality Nik Naks to the Family. Everything looks fine and you were so quick to add us. Thanks again.
  5. chrislg

    Search Feature

    Hi, I have done my webpage in Frontpage. I am trying to get the Search to work and when I paste it into html code it does nothing. When I publish to check it the html code shows up on the website. But when I check the search in cpanel it works fine. Can anyone help me on how to get this to work. Thanks Michelle
  6. 1. Quality Nik Naks 2. Quality Nik Naks 3. We sell a large variety of Home and Garden Accents at wholesale prices. 4. Commercial 5. Text link in footer Thanks Chris
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