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  1. Ripley's Believe It Or Not: Human girl and seal found joined together at birth. Efforts are underway to detach the poor siblings and return them to their natural habitat.
  2. Arthur Murray Dance Studio opens a new studio at SeaWorld Adventure Parks! Attendance for opening night was a HUGE success!
  3. Ummm, i am trying to set up an acct. here, and once I put all my info in, I got this page: With no direct url to paypal Help please.
  4. Quote: When you sign up for your account with Total Choice Web Hosting, mention in the comments field that your site is currently hosted using cPanel and you'd like for us to move it for you. Make sure that there is listed a way for us to get in touch with you to get the information we need to initiate the site copy. Is this a free service?
  5. I ran over and checked your threads over there... you are having problems! I was having the same problems back with 1.2 (I have a live store with 1.2) and one of the Zen people was able to help me get it working... basically I was a guinea pig for one of the 4 options I mentioned above LOL. I have a test store that I just installed on another site here a month or so ago... 1.2.4 I think and out of the box the (sendmail) email worked fine. You're moving to TCH right? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If I cannot get my current host to uncheck the setting in the cpanel root to: Prevent the user 'nobody' from sending out mail to remote addresses - Prevents the 'nobody' user from sending e-mails outside the script's domain. then no doubt yes! I am pulling my hair out waiting, sent the message out to the host on sunday, still no word from them. And they NEVER answer their phone.
  6. Hahah! Nice sales pitch. version second last one, they just released 1.2.5d I have tried "every one" of the settings (all correct for my host) and none of them have worked! I've even shown the zen cart team my settings, and they were correct. See why I am getting slightly miffed?
  7. I believe that it is the "nobody@myhostsname.com" that is messing up emails being sent out from the shopping cart to my customers though, and since I have not yet heard from the host (this is not uncommon) there is no way for me to confirm that. I DO know though, that my settings for sendmail are correct in the cart, and the emails get sent to me, but not to customers. See the dilemna? As far as cpanel, yep, I have that, so the transfer will not be a problem. When you said: The sending of the email address as nobody@myhostsname.com in the from address should be set in the configuration - although the default will set up as from 'nobody' on many hosts. What configuration are you speaking of? The host? or the carts? When I ask the zencart gurus about that "nobody@yourhostsname.com" thing, they say it is a server issue, not in the code of the cart. And I did a test with oscommerce too, so I know this is the same issue in both.
  8. I am thinking of switching web hosts. Here are the main reasons, and I am seriously hoping that Total Choice will be the one to be able to remedy the issues I am currently having with my current host. The largest most annoying issue at this time is: I am running zen-cart "shopping cart" on my server, and whenever I need to send a "sendmail" email out to my customers, the email header reads: NOTE: email addresses changed for security reasons, but, you get the drift. EG: Return-path: <nobody@myhostsname.com> Envelope-to: me@myhostsname.com Delivery-date: Mon, 30 May 2005 00:28:24 -0400 Received: from nobody by myhostsname with local (Exim 4.50) id 1Dcbt2-0007Ud-Jc for me@myhostsname.com; Mon, 30 May 2005 00:28:24 -0400 To: me@myhostsname.com Subject: [CREATE ACCOUNT] etc.... Now, as you can see, the shopping cart (and I know that oscommerce does this too) sends out emails to customers with that "nobody" email address, and somehow they are not reaching my customers and I am terribly afraid that this is an issue with my current host. I must mention that it takes FOREVER to get an answer from this current host, if they even email me back at all ( You can see my frustration ). So, I need to know: 1/ does total choice absolutely support either zen-cart shopping carts or oscommerce carts (especially for the emailling out of welcome messages, etc.) 2/what type of tech support can I expect. This sendmail issue has been my bane since setting up my cart 4 weeks ago. One more question: When transfering data (specifically MySQLdatabases) is there anything special i should know? Re: do I still need to remember all my usernames/passwords? Or are they already in the database backups i've downloaded to save before changing hosts? I would hate to have to rebuild everything if I've not done a proper backup of my current site.
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