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  1. Army

    Outlook Express

    Hey guys, thanks for the information concerning adding text on the Subject Line on Outlook Express. I added the code to the html text on my webpage and it worked. Thanks Army
  2. Hey guys, how are you all doing? Great i hope. I have a question concerning Outlook Express. I added a link on my website that opens Outlook Express. My question is how do you add a topic on the Subject Line so that it appears when the Outlook Express box opens? Thanks, Army
  3. Army

    Frontpage Forms

    Hey Steve, what if i create the Mailing List form in Dreamweaver. Do you think i'll have the same problems i've been having with Frontpage. Please let me know, so ill get the program and design the form on Dreamweaver. Has anybody here created a form on Dreamweaver and was it simple to upload without any complications.
  4. Army

    Frontpage Forms

    Hey guys, thanks for the welcome to the forum and thanks for all the info. I tried other modifications to the form and still no luck. Frontpage can be a real pain sometimes Jim i tried out the instructions you gave me and it now sends me to a page with _devived/northbots.htm after my domain name. I just signed up with the Mailing List on the cpanel and im considering using that form on my website instead of the frontpage form but i have no idea how to include it on my webpage. Is there a code i have to insert on my webpage.
  5. Army

    Frontpage Forms

    Hi, my name is Army and i am a new member to TCH and i just want to say hello to everyone on the TCH team and to all the members on this forum. I seem to be having some problems getting the Mailing List form i created on frontpage to work. When i filled out the form to test it out, it doesn't seem to send any results to my email address and does not link to the confirmation page i created but instead sends me to a page with /cgi/formmail after my domain name. I checked my panel and the frontpage extensions are installed. I not sure what i am doing wrong with the form i created. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.
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