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  1. Ok, am a bit calmer now. Have downloaded a trial version of WinZip to unzip the file. Where should I save the php/form file in order to use it? Currently, I found it in with My Webs, but can't seem to get it to work/ run from there. In addition to that when I tried to put it on the desktop, I made all my icons go blue, so am not particularly happy about that :-( Re: Cpanel, I can get to (added it to my favourites), but don't know what "permissions" I'm supposed to change or to what. Finally, am not having fun with this at all. My actual site was great to put together and I did have fun, but currently there's no fun in inserting this form given that I need it by tomorrow, and am sure I can't learn what I need from these new programs by then. For the time being, I have told my viewers to cut and paste the form and send it by e-mail, which is a terrible second choice, but I have no option. Just so you know...I have a magazine, the new edition of which starts being distributed tomorrow and I have mentioned it clearly that they can enter the competition inside online. I am actually expecting to get quite a good response - thus the stress and panic at this time. Thanks for your help...
  2. Hello again everyone. Ok am thoroughly confused now. Have downloaded the phpform suggested, but now can't find it, and I understand that i am supposed to change permissions or something in the File Manager of Cpanel, but don't know where it is. Am tearing my hair out now, because I need this to work by tomorrow and am running out of both time and patience. So far I see that my .asp file won't work, and apparently I was supposed to realise when I did my site that it wouldn't and that php or mysql were the versions I was supposed to use. Well, I didn't because firstly, I didn't know what they were, and secondly, didn't expect to have to use them. So, here I am. Stuck. I have a form that I want to put in - I don't mind doing it again in any other programme, I just don't have a lot of time to learn it, so am panicking now. Can anybody help me?
  3. Hello everyone. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I'm quite useless when it comes to "redirecting" etc.. Despite the fact that I did the site myself, I had a LOT of help from the TCH world, for which I am extremely grateful. The website is on my computer, so am not quite sure what I'm supposed to do with regards to the redirecting. Here is an attempt at a link to the page if that's any help:competition Thank you again! Tracy
  4. Hi there, First time I'm using the forum though I've been a member with TCH for over a year now! Have inserted a form into my webpage and all was going well, but it doesn't work. Have followed the tutorials, but still no luck. First it told me my FP extensions were disabled, but after checking the CPanel, that's not true, they are. Secondly it came up with the following error: An error has occurred with this script Char: 1 Object Expected Code: 0 URL: file://c:\documentsandsettings\XTA\LocalSettings\Temp\Front PageTempDir\pvw29.htm Do you want to still keep running scripts? Yes No My website is www.whats-happenin.com and the form is an entry for a competition which starts tomorrow! Please help me...Thanks in advance Tracy
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