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  1. Hi. I installed a cms on the server and ran into some bugs. I'd like to reinstall it but even though I delete the folder containing all the files for it, when I re-upload and try a clean installation, it tells me that it's already installed and reuses the flawed settings from before. Am I missing something? Where could the file be that is telling it my previous settings?
  2. I really like JAlbum. I'm totally new at this. I've tried SPGM and Coppermine but I really like this. It's very easy to use with some great template options. I think there is one that supports web uploads but most are like SPGM where you design your gallery then upload it to your server.
  3. Ok--Thanks! Do you know if they're better as avi or wmv or mpg format? I was going to use Windows Media Encoder 9.
  4. I'm far away from family and I want to put up short video clips of my kids for the grandparents. Does anyone have suggestions for a good script or cms that can do this well? Wordpress, Mambo, Coppermine? I looked on the coppermine site and didn't see much on the subject and I've had trouble getting the video uploads to work with it--I tried files 10MB and smaller. Or should I just add it directly to the html without using another script? Thanks for any suggestions...
  5. Sorry--I meant per month for the year plan for a simple virtual plan. If I understand right, having two separate hosting accounts would be the cheapest way to use my two domain names for two separate sites: $88 per year. Is that right?
  6. Thanks again for the fast responses. I appreciate your help.
  7. ok--thanks! I wish there were some middle ground between the $44 per month and $88/mo for two domain names/sites...
  8. So with domain.net and domain2.com I couldn't park domain2.com and have it point to sub.domain.net...
  9. Thanks. Do you offer the option to customize your simple package so I could use one addon domain? (for a certain extra fee per mo/year)
  10. Hi. I'm using the image gallery program, Singapore, which requires GD to work properly. I'm just wondering if I move my site to you if I'd have to manually install GD or if I could just move the files and everything would work "right out of the box" so to speak. Thanks for your help.
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