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  1. ok. I am following the book: Frontline for Dummies. It tells me to check with my ISP to make sure Host web server can handle e-mail form submissions. I checked and learned that total choice hosting DOES admit Front Page Forms. I checked to make sure the Front Page Service Extensions have been downloaded, they have been. According to the book it states to disregard the dialog box and submit. I submitted and then when attempting to check web site was unable to see an answer in my e-mail (smartrocs@hotmail.com ) Notice sent to me: ...Form is being created on a disk based web or the Front Page Extensions have not been configuared to send e-mail. Please direct your system administrator or Internet Service Provider to the instructions in "Setting up e-mail options on windows" in the Server Extensions Resourse Kit." If you do not have the Extension Resource Kit you can find it at http:www.microsoft.com/frontpage/wpp/serk Thank you for any help.
  2. smartrocs[at]hotmail.com I am frustrated trying to insert a workable Front Page form into my site. I have checked and have the Front Page extensions . I have gone through the steps to load the response form and have the responses sent to my e-mail address. Still does not work! Tried the Help site... cannot find answer why it doesn't work. Yes, I am frustrated!! Is there anyone who can help me cross this obstacle? Thanks! Edit: TCH-Bruce edited your email address to prevent spamming
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