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  1. I think I did in fact upgrade it a few months back (to the latest minor revision). However, the .htaccess file should not have changed since it was something I added on later anyway and is not included with mediawiki by default. Here is the file below: >php_value upload_max_filesize 10m RewriteEngine on # uncomment this rule if you want Apache to redirect from www.mysite.com/ to www.mysite.com/wiki/Main_Page RewriteRule ^$ /wiki/Main_Page [R] # do the rewrite RewriteRule ^wiki/?(.*)$ /w/index.php?title=$1 [L,QSA] If I disable the bottom rewrite line, it seems to not forward to my first domain anymore... but then the urls are terrible. I don't see how that line could come up with "zaventh.com" either... since it is still no where in any configuration or variable in mediawiki. EDIT: For some more info, I have tried many other solutions of getting this to work as layed out here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Eliminating...hp_from_the_url But none except the above mentioned .htaccess rewrite ever worked for me.
  2. Is there anyone who can help me with this same problem again? Previously "TCH-Rick" resolved my issue and it has been working fine until recently. I PMed him but he appears to be unavailable. Thank you.
  3. Oh.. I thought of that too, so right now my .htaccess file is empty. MediaWiki doesn't include it's own .htaccess file except for in the subdirs which just deny access to them, so I forget what was in the original .htaccess but it was nothing related to mediawiki...
  4. Okay, "level 2" support said it wasn't their problem and I should try here--but I somehow still think it is the way the second domain is setup but here goes anyway. I've previously had one domain (zaventh.com) running Mediawiki at http://www.zaventh.com/wiki . Now, I wanted to simply throw a new domain on top of that (nexuswiki.com) so that if you went to zaventh.com/wiki, it would be the exact same as nexuswiki.com/wiki. TCH parked the second domain for me, and I have it all setup as you would expect a domain should be. Now, if one navigates to www.nexuswiki.com/wiki, it automatically rewrites the url to be pretty, and it should take you to http://www.nexuswiki.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page, but it doesn't. Instead it takes you to http://www.zaventh.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page. At first I thought perhaps the domain wasn't working right, but if you navigate to http://www.nexuswiki.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page it works fine and as expected, except that if you save an edited page, it will redirect you back to the right page, but with the zaventh.com domain in place of nexuswiki.com. My next and logical assumption was that it was using the domain name as a variable somewhere, but I couldn't see any obvious place to set it as it wasn't in the main config. So, I first search the entire mysql database, and there are 0 reference to either domain there. Next, I downloaded every file in the wiki and >grep -i "zaventh" *.* 'd them all, and nothing came up. Nothing for the other domain either. This is what led me to believe somehow that nexuswiki.com was somehow resolving to zaventh.com, and when a redirect was called on the wiki, that is where it was going. At any rate, if I would navigate to http://www.nexuswiki.com/index.php, it still wouldn't work right. The only thing between index.php and Main_Page is redirect.php. None of these files contain any actual domain names, but rather are used to rewrite the url I believe. I have attached these files, though I can't really see anything in them that would be causing the problem I am having. Any help or ideas of where else to look would be great... Thanks. index.php redirect.php
  5. That's what I thought too... MySQL-Front works fine. But I cannot figure out why Dreamweaver will not connect to it when it will connect to another MySQL server on TCH. I've copied the configuration that works on the other TCH server used that format to the letter. I've even setup a new site in DW and started from scratch and that doesn't work. I did submit a ticket with TCH, and they told me to come here. Later today I may install DW on a new machine just to see... but it is really driving me crazy. DW has its own SQL connect code page in PHP which it uploads and tries to execute I guess to connect to the DB. Could there be some problem in there?
  6. Also interesting find... I imported the database in question to my local copy of MySQL (4.1), changed only the server address to localhost, and everything works fine... I noticed my domain in question is running 4.0.22 My other domain (which works) is running 4.0.23 Just though I'd point these things out...
  7. I had the URL prefix to http://www.siteroot.com. I changed it to the root path where my index page is (http://www.siteroot.com/folder) and still nothing. I have played around with this option along with all the others... Every attempt gives me 'Access Denied'
  8. Yes... I have the user added to the database. I added two actually just to eliminate any possibilities there. Both with the appropriate permissions on the database (ALL). I even created another database with the same users added with the same permissions--no luck there either. I then created yet another database with its own user and still Access Denied. I used % just to elimate any possibility there as well. I can set it to my IP once I get it working... I have all those account settings correct as well. I can FTP using the cpanel name and password from within dreamweaver fine. I used the format which you have there and I have checked it 100 times just to make sure I'm not crazy. Still get Access Denied. On my other domain with TCH, I have followed the instructions and it worked fine! Database connects fine--I can enumerate all the tables and everything. On this server, though it doesn't. That's why I was thinking perhaps there is a TCH-side issue here...
  9. I am having much trouble connecting to my MySQL database from within dreamweaver on one of my two domains. I have read many articles including: http://totalchoicehosting.com/help/textpagea9.htm And some others, and I have checked and rechecked ten times at least. I have tried creating new accounts for the FTP access and also on the mySQL server. I have tried with different databases even but when I try to connect it says Access Denied. Sometimes it says Unspecific Error. But when I use any other MySQL admin tools such as MySQL-Front, it works fine--but this doesn't help me as I want to edit PHP pages using the SQL backend. I have allowed ALL access to the database remotely. I know I am doing it right, though, because on my other domain (also hosted by TCH), it works fine as I would expect. I enter all the FTP info for the testing server and setup the database connection FINE. But not so on Server 63. I have created new Sites within dreamweaver and set them to the same server and nothing. What could I possibly be missing?
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