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  1. I use Adaware SE, Spybot S&D, Microsoft AntiSpyware. I like them all and run all three of them. There have been times that by the time I have gotten to the third one it is still picking up stuff that the other two didn't. Right now I am having problems removing some Smiley Central crud that I regretfully downloaded onto my computer. Spybot is the only one picking it up but I cannot remove it. UGH!
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    Thanks you for the warm welcomes. Cat...thanks for the link. I will look into this later tonight. My ISP went wacko this weekend so I had no access. They are fixing the problem today so I am on and off when the computer decides to work. Hopefully they will have the problem solved by the end of the day.
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    That sounds good. I may start with something like Angels and then maybe later on whenever I learn html then I can do that. Where do I find the Platinum Package or was it a choice when I purchased the Deluxe Package?
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    Thanks Cat!..and Don. I did purchase the Deluxe account. (just did it) I do want to use the phpnuke platinum. Is that similar to phpbb or are they the same thing?
  5. Hi everybody. My name is Ronnie and I am new here. I have no clue what I am doing and thought I could find help on here. This is what I want to do...start a forum for weight loss and offer for users to be able to go to a photo gallery, play games, earn points through posting, allow myself to make avatars with my psp for them..etc..etc.. This is what I have done so far....purchased a domain name through TCH. What do I do know? Sorry but I am not exactly a computer brain...I am learning as I go.
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