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  1. I'm in the market for a new computer and thought this would be the best place to ask with all of the computer guru's running around here. I ready to retire what I've got and I'm willing to spend a decent chunk of change for something that will fit my needs. I've been poking around on the Dell and Gateway websites but I'm so confused by all this 2GB 4GB XPS dual core, etc etc stuff. Here's what I'm looking to do....I frequently use photoshop and corel products for business needs and my computer really lags while I'm running these programs. I need to be able to have multiple applications open and work simultaneously with no problems. I'm willing to spend whatever it takes as I had a very generous holiday shopping season. If you had around say 5k to spend on a computer and get the best which company and computer would you buy?
  2. Okay, here's the deal, I started out using php-nuke a few years ago but later switched over to just html with phpbb forums. Now I'm finding that not only can I not keep up with all of the html pages, and everytime I make a change on one page, I have to go in and edit all of them (a lot), on top of that phpbb keeps giving me major headaches with their upgrades making my forums go wonky. So now I'm just contemplating going back to php-nuke, the problem is I have little control over the look in comparison to html and these websites get hacked frequently. Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative? Basically I'm looking at have features similar to phpnuke like the topics that users can sumbit/comment, link building, membership to view certain areas of the website, and the ability to incorporate stable forums.
  3. I'm not sure how dumb this question is but I'm trying to save money. I now have 4 cafe press shops and would like to purchase the domains for them and a hosting account to upload things like banners and such. Is it possible to purchase one hosting plan and have all 4 domains share it, or do they each need their own hosting plan? I also need to redirect the domain to the actual shop url, is this possible as well?
  4. Thanks bunches for the download link. I couldn't seem to find a contact form on the main site. Thanks bunches!
  5. Call me crazy but I can't find the download. I went to the site where it's offered but the download redirects me to a blank page. Anyone know of any alternative sites to download this package?
  6. I'm not sure if I understand. Does this mean I need a second TD for the 2nd TR, even though I've got the first TD of the first TR spanning 2 TR's?
  7. Thank you Bruce, I truly appreciate any help you can offer. This has been driving me batty for 3 days now.
  8. I'm having a problem that I haven't been able to figure out and hopefully I won't confuse anyone. I'm working on the top portion of my new site and I'm having alignment problems in the table when it's viewed in IE, but comes out as it should in FF and NN. If you look at this page in IE http://www.policewivesonline.com/rottilove/rottilove.html There is a gap between the two rows of the second collumn. When you view it in NN or FF there is no gap and it displays exactly how I'd like it to. Someone suggested to me that instead of using the single table I use nested tables. The first outter table with two collumns, in the first collumn is a table with the first image (left) and in the second collumn of the first table I placed a table with two rows. The first row contains a table with the top (right) image and the second row contains a table with the gradient background which will eventually hold text links. That is the reason I can't make this one single image. I've got all the border, cellpadding, and cellspacing all set to 0. This really confuses me because my first site has a similar layout with no gap. If you made it this far and actually understood everything I just babbled I'd truly appreciate any creative thoughts on this.
  9. Thank you Mike. I'm still unable to login to my ftp account, so I just assume this change takes time. Bruce, no there was no simple option, although that would have been nice. :-)
  10. I wasn't exactly sure where to put this so if this is the wrong forum I appologize. So here goes... I've been so satisfied with TCH service with my first website that I decided to venture into a second website. I registered a domain with yahoo (my first domain was registered with TCH) so I'm a little confused as to whether I'm setting things up correctly. There wasn't a tutorial listed for yahoo domains. Basically, when I log into yahoo domain control panel and select Advanced DNS records there are some areas I'm not sure if I should leave alone or change. So I'll just go by section: A and CNAME Records Type: Source: Destination: A Record rottweilerlove.com Yahoo IP Address A Record www.rottweilerlove.com Yahoo IP Address CNAME Record *.rottweilerlove.com Yahoo Hostname CNAME Record mail.rottweilerlove.com Yahoo Hostname Do I change anything here? MX Records Mail Server Host Name: Priority: Yahoo Mail Server 20 Yahoo Mail Server 30 Do I change anything here? Name Servers Primary dns3.totalchoicehosting.com Secondary dns4.totalchoicehosting.com I changed those to the ones in my welcome email. I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you!
  11. I hate to ask this here after all I've managed to learn on my own in the last year, but I'm at a dead end. I'm working on a Contact Us page for my website. I want to create a very simple contact form, which I can find tutorials on. But my snag is that I want to create a drop down box that offers reasons why this person would be using the contact forum. Basically here is what I'm trying to do. Name: (TEXT BOX HERE) Email Address: (TEXT BOX HERE) Reason for Contacting Us: (Drop down box here offering several choices) Your message: (LARGE TEXT BOX HERE) SUBMIT BUTTON And just out of curiosity, would this type of form be compatible for all browsers? If some one could point me to a tutorial or website that could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Cat
  12. 1. http://www.policewivesonline.com 2. Police Wives Online - Resource & Support Center 3. Resources, support, and gifts for police wives and families. 4. Commercial/Personal Nature 5. Text link in footer 6. Thank you very much!
  13. Thanks for the links, I thought I pretty much had tables down, guess not, I'm reading through your tut now, it's a tad late for me to mess with html now, I'd really screw the page up LOL. But I'll go through your tuts and see if I can fix my little problemo. Thanks again!
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