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  1. IT WORKED THANKS THOMAS how do i update it? thanks so so so much you are all so wonderful its nice to have such a good support system!
  2. thanks thomas yes it is the cute builder i have done everything but where on the cpanel is the default index at?? i looked under index manager and did not see anything like that at all....is it somewhere else if so where thanks again tiffany
  3. since it takes up to 72 hours fo a domain name to be properly active if i wait until then should i work with the cute program then without any trouble? thanks tiffany
  4. where do i go to create an index? i feel so silly asking all of these ??s but i appreciate all of the help
  5. ok i put this in and i did not get the cute site builder page i published Edit: TCH-Bruce - removed user name for privacy
  6. does that mean I put those numbers in and my user name together when configuring website? or do i leave it the way i do then just put username after the numbers?
  7. okay i tried it with the numbers instead of the name and it published but this is what showed up on the site instead its said there is no website by that name what am i doing wrong now?
  8. thanks everyone i will try that groovy and andy thanks again tiffany
  9. its still giving me the same message for the ftp directory do i need to put ftp before my web address?
  10. thanks okay here is what it is doing i am going to the configure website first i am entering the sites name for name for ftp site ftp host address: ftp.mysiteaddress username and password entering my name and password that wa email to me from totalchoice hosting ftp directory i am entering my sites address enter your sites address i entered it then i click finish then i went to publish website i get this message rror connecting to FTP Server at ftpmysitesname.com. 550 ftp.mysitename.com: No such file or directory what am i doing wrong? i am making this site for my grandma its a support site but i do not wanna offend anyone by posting the sites name...since some may not agree of persons innocence if it is ok i will post site url thanks tiffany
  11. i did what it said but its still not showing on the website i went to configure website is that where i fill out the info so i can publish it?
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