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  1. Thanks, Woody. Appreciate it. Lance
  2. Guys, I really appreciate all the help! Here's what I found... There were 2 problems - the first was that I had inadvertently (or stupidly, depending on your point of view) unchecked a button on the right clik menu of the web site home page in Navigation view called "Included in Link Bars." Now I know what that button does! Anyway that got back the main link bar under the banner and the text bar at the bottom onf the page. Second was the Top Navigation Bar which is a custom link bar. Nothing I could find in the help helped... typical, eh? Anyway, I fixed it by deleting the existing bar, recreating it, and editing every page to put it back. (There's a "remove from all pages" option when you delete it, but not an "add to all pages" when you create it. Drat! Anyway, the site now looks and works as it should. Don - take a look around again and see what else is there... To answer a couple questions you posed - 1. I had already tried uninstalling and reinstalling FP extensions. It didn't help. 2. I will work on the link highlighting in the What's New box. You're right, Don they don't let you know they're links unless you just happen to mouseover one... 3. Firefox doesn't like this site at all. Which is weird since Netscape 8 likes it just fine and they're both Mozilla based. I'll see if I can get some compatibility going for the FF users. 4. the JS stuff - Steve you're right - it's to prevent crawlers from mining my email addresses. I looked at the site you recommended but I think I still like mine better. While it looks like there may be some issues with the code itself - I've had this site up at another host for a couple years and never had a problem with this. The add-in I use to write the code is jBots by Webs Unlimited. This module is called SpamStopper and you don't have to enter anything for it to do its job. You design as usual, create all the email links, run SpamStopper and tell it to convert - either current page or entire site. It screams through and gives you a count of how many emails it found and converted. Very slick. If it causes further problems I may have to change, but for now I think I'll leave it alone... Thanks again guys for the welcome and all your help! This is a LOT better than what I could get through my previous provider. You're great! Lance
  3. Thought I'd check here before I bother Support since I suspect this is a FrontPage problem instead of a hosting problem... Moved my site here this weekend from another provider. Installed FP extensions. Everything looked normal. Then I created my "Members Only" subweb and set it up. Added permissions, etc. Added users. It works perfectly. Then I went back to my home page - www.intermountainstockdog.com - and all my navigation bars are gone. There's supposed to be one across the top, one just under the main banner, and another at the bottom of the page. I spent about 2 hours tinkering with settings, etc. in FP (I'm using 2003) and re-publishing, but to no avail. No Nav bars. They show up correctly in FP but do not show up when viewing the site. (Tried several browsers - same in all.) Any ideas? Lance
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