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  1. I swear it used to be clean! Here's a shot I took back when it actually WAS clean (just not viewing the website)... It almost makes me sad to look at it all 3 months later. Never really realized how messy I was!
  2. Well, brand new to these forums. I suppose I might as well start it off with a bang. My work area is slightly large, so I'll have to put it into 4 pictures. Picture 1 is of my main three comps and my DDR pad (the black square) Picture 2 is of my small test LAN and graveyard of (somewhat) outdated computers Picture 3 is of my spare parts shelf (somewhat bare at the moment) Picture 4 is of my main computer from picture 1. I figured I'd include a closer shot just in case you couldn't see the site from my first shot. Enjoy
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