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  1. Ok ok I will tell you all the truth. See I was going in my usual business when I saw your forum. I wanted to hack your forum but your security is pretty ok so I couldn't do jack. I was only trying to get attention in the forum. So see you later and remember: Life is a meaningless nightmare of suffering. When it gets hard in life think happy thoughts like: My life can get better..........................because it can't possibly get any worse. When you are planning to achieve something and you logically see that there is the slightest chance that things could fall apart, they will. And of course, when you know your life is hard, know that it will get worse. Thank you for your attention. I am not a crook. White Jordan.
  2. Ok/ Mods delete my message then who cares. I will never comeback here again.
  3. I need to know the meaning of life please.
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