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  1. ok guys i tried the public folder thing either i didnt do it right, or somethin. i have a phpbb board. i am in serious need of wantin to put this homepage on. What do i name it? and where does it go? and where is that located?(where it goes) THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP!!! sorry im a lil new to this. may need to break it down for me somewhat.
  2. TY . yes i know but i couldnt find that other post and the searc wasnt workin for me too well, but thanks guys
  3. i have phpbb i want to put a hompage to click into my forums , where do i put it , what do i name it. hope this is the right spot , thanks for any help.
  4. ok jus got another board goin, i want to put a front page on it. like when i go to the link i see the file page thing. i want to see a front page that is linked to the forums any help with this? it is invision baord , thank you.
  5. wondering how long it will take to get our name changed over. i think we submitted a ticket a few days ago. thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!! old site...... www.verticaloutlawz.com new domain name is spose to be..... www.crewillogic.com
  6. ok sorry didnt give enuff info. we have a few bugs with our board (somethin with the cookies or something), we was wanting to reinstall the board but without losing the forums and post in hope to fix the problem. we must of hit something on accident and not noticed it
  7. is it possible to to reinstall invisionboard without losing all the forums and posts? any info? thanks guys
  8. yes pleaseeee , pm me now if ya like we are the main admins of the board lolollolol ,, i see we got jokes in here huh .
  9. yea not you guys one of our guys. we are relatively new to this , sorry lol.
  10. is there a way to reset the board we are havin troubles. one of the admins must of hit something and now people cant save thier login and the clear forum icons dont "de-light" when ya hit them , any help ?
  11. exaclty , when i try to clear a forum post by clickin on the lil icon next to the forum thats what i get? the blank page , if i try to make a post i get the white page when i hit add post?
  12. maybe it has to do with something else but ,, when i did what ya said i got rid of the blue bar up top right, but like when i click the round icon to clear the post in that forum i get? http://verticaloutlawz.com/invisionboard/i...in&CODE=04&f=11 but i copy and pasted and changed back what you had wrote up there. didnt help it seems. may be anothe problem. any info? thanks guys you are real helpful , i appreciate it any help?
  13. ok when i did what Andy said it got rid of the blue bar but then we had problems on the site. any info on this?
  14. thanks man ... its there now but its real small and i wanted it to be the size i made it? can i do this ? any help with that? and its linked to invision board i dont really want it linked jus a header picture
  15. ok is the skin thing in the cppanel or is it under the skin in admincp? and can it be a jpeg image for a header? or does it need to be somethin special. i know serious newb questions. sorry
  16. is it possible ? is it hard? what do we need to do? jus buy another name and transfer it , any info is great .... thanks guys
  17. thanks man you guys are great . i will reccommend you guys to evryone. ill try to get it figured out if not ill be back to bother you some more !!!!
  18. im not the best with this stuff guys. i may need a lil more help , sorry . i need more play by play
  19. ok our site is www.verticaloutlawz.com ... where the blue bar is up top i want this
  20. ok what i want to do is get rid of the blue header completly and replace it with a image i have made , any info
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