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  1. Hi I have been meaning to come in and lavish some praise on the good folks at TCH, so here it finally is ! I am all the way from South Africa and despite a massive time difference - i have found the service, response to queries and general help to be of an amazing standard ! They have been acomodating to what are often my mistakes, hassles with my credit card [ dam banks ! ] and the technical support via the help desk has been nothing short of brilliant ! I just wanted to say thanks massive and hope that you keep up the good work ! Kind regards Stuart
  2. http://www.capeetc.com.... I have managed to register just once nad it sent an email - the other time it registers the user but no email.
  3. Hi Any help appreciated The email for registering commentors and posting commenst to admin appears not to be working - ie i post a comment i don't get an email weather i am logged in or out ! But the blog sends me a spam karma report and allows me to email myself a copy of my DB backup ??? Any suggested solutions - i have been through most of the options and am now completely stumped Thanks in advance Stix
  4. stix

    Upload Error

    Bruce - thanks very much for the help - worked like a charm. Uploads happening ! Again Excellent forum !
  5. stix

    Upload Error

    Hi Fellow WP Bloggers.... I am trying to sort out a blog and all is looking good but the file upload option is giving me the following error message..... Warning: copy(/home/wwwcape/public_html/img/cape_front.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/wwwcape/public_html/wp-admin/upload.php on line 170 Couldn't upload your file to /home/wwwcape/public_html/img/cape_front.jpg. I have double checked my CHMOD settings and all is in order there. i had a look at the Wordpress support forums and its a bit of mixture some saying cosde error some saying host error.... ANy help would be appreciated Many Thanks for excellent forums !
  6. Guys - thanks for all the help - i pst back on the ticket and see what i get ! Cheers
  7. Thanks for the reply ! Yea - i pretty much have done it all - that FAQ sounds more like adding DNS entries to point at Nameservers - i actually want to create nameservers to point DNS at ! ie : i want to register the nameserver ns1.xxxxxxxx.com and ns2.xxxxxxxx.com so when i set up another host package for www.yyy.com the nameservers are the ones registered above Anyone ? am i making any sense
  8. Hi I am confused as confused can be ! I recently aquired a dedicated server, i have been instructed to register nameservers. My domain mangement is via opensrs.net. I know how to add DNS records to the domain, and i have used the link that allows me to set the nameservers but i keep getting told to register the nameservers and i am pretty certain i have ? Anyone know how or where i can register nameservers on opensrs.net Thanks - i hope i am in the right section !
  9. Hi I used both examples provided further up the thread - inserting the correct values ! I filled in the email - i am not recieving anything ! previously i used wget and i tried running to no joy ! I am trying to run the maintance script for phpadserver ! I keep running throu' the options, thanks for the replies ! Stu
  10. Still no joy ..... I looked in the error log file in the cpanel - and there is nothing related to the file i am trying to call Dam ! As i mentioned earlier - when i was in the shared enviroment i had no problems calling it with an http://XXX.com/pathtofile.php
  11. Thanks David ! I set the time to run every minute mainly just to check i could get it working ! I was plannning to set it back to once an hour as pre the requirements of the software ! i tried in both both standard and advanced !
  12. Thanks for the replies ! okay - i tried both ! Neither worked ? I have checked the permission on the file - 755 I have doubled checked the file path Any further suggestions ?
  13. Hi I have searched the forums exstensively and tried all the alternatatives offered on cron tab and running a script ! I am trying to run a php file that does maintanence for my ad server ! I used to be in a shared enviroment and it worked fine ! I have since moved to a dedicated server to no joy ! Is there something i need to activate on the WHM panel to allow cron to run on the server or am i missing something ? The script is related to php adserver maintanence ! I have tried GET http://www.XXXXXXX/file.php to no avail Tried it with a path to the file I am way confused !!!! Any help appreciated !
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