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  1. Thanks! I'll add the /mt to the end of my path!
  2. Okay, I guess just typing out my rants gave me the answer! I tried this: /home/atomicmr/public_html/ and it worked! go figure!
  3. Help! I went throught the great document on MT provided by TCH (http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id76.htm) but got stuck. The MT installation document says to configure the weblog for your own purposes, which I started but can't seem to firgure out how to complete correctly. I am confused by the .... fill in the path and URL information (Local Site Path, Site URL, Local Archive Path, and Archive URL). Values for Local Site Path and Site URL are provided by default, to give you a sense of what the paths should look like; when setting the vaules of Local Site Path and Local Archive Path, it is best to use absolute paths (paths beginning with a /), rather than relative paths. Note that all four of these fields must be filled in. OKAY! So I have no idea what to put into the Local Site Path. I have tried many different things and nothing works when I click Save Changes, then click Rebuild Site I get: An error occurred: Writing to '/public_html/mt/index.html.new' failed: Opening local file '/public_html/mt/index.html.new' failed: No such file or directory I have tried putting in: / /mt/ /public_html/mt/ /public_html/ and all give me the same error but with what I've tried in it's place. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Here is my "home-made," "work-in-progress" computer desk at home.
  5. Hello, I am interested in going with a Reseller Hosting plan but I don't want to go through all the registration process if I need to have a full years payment at time of registration. So, are there options during the registration process for other types of payments (month by month) or is it only pay by year. If it is pay by year then I have to wait till I have the money to register. I'm just afraid to start the registration process to find I can't pay a year in advance and mess things up with the new account. Otherwise, let's get this thing going! Thanks!
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