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  1. I´m planning to buy a Dedicated Unmanaged server $149.99. Storage 2 x 160GB My question is about the future HDD upgrade. #1 In case that I run out of space what is the price of the extra storage. For example and additional 500GB HDD. #2 Can I have a quote with different storage options??
  2. Does TCH offer FreeBSD/OpenBSD dedicated servers?. I need the server with a basic setup.
  3. But this Backup in cpanel also save my DNS zones???
  4. I want to do weekly a backup of my reseller account setup (email/ftp pass, DNS zones etc) how I can do that. I have and account for every of my costumers ( I can't backup DNS zone with this accounts). But I want a way to access to the whole costumers sites tree in orther to do an incremental backup. Any ideas??
  5. I'm a TCH reseller and want to know a way of automatic login in my account , for example using a bookmark in my FireFox, i know that this is an insecure stuff but I have to login at leats 10 times everyday in my reseller account. A
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