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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering, does anyone know of a good tutorial on writing my own search engine? I know that in Cpanel you can install the isearch engine. Does it write the code into my account so that I could possible download the source and study it? Like I know one of the easiest way is to GET the search string to Google's engine and the link to Google to view the results, but I'm wanting to challenge of writing my own. Any sugestions? Thanks Everybody, David
  2. Hi, I'm kinda' new to mySQL. I instaled an Adminastrator Program from mySQL's site, and am not shure how I need to set up the connection options. I have read the ""Remote Access Of Mysql Database" post, but am still confused. The program asks me for: Username: Password: Hostname: Port: Any help is appriciated, thanks.
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