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  1. Im sorry guys if Ive been rude Clarification: I never doubted the calibre of the TCH support team, but I thought maybe they had been unable to invest insufficient time to analyse my problem completely. Internet @ slow speeds and database restoration issues can be really frustating and I think I went overboard with expectations. Its not the best way to start a (hopefully) long term relationship but I hope you all understand Anyway, Ive resoled the issue stated above by simply removing the timestamp line from all the table backups and the forums seem to be running without a problem Apart from this, TCH rocks ! not only am I getting twice the specs of my prvious hosting account, the access speeds have improved tremendously! Server 92 rockz !
  2. Im a new customer at TCH and the past 24 hrs have been hell. Apart from the time zone difference, support (via helpdesk tickets) has been very slow and buggy. Ive just realised that my previous webhosts were using version MySql 4.1.13 while you guys at TCH are using MySql 4.0.22 which is incompatible with the IPB forum software that IM using ! Please help me as Ive (stupidly enough) changed DNS info and my site has been down for quite a while now. Im posting at a public forum cause the support system seems to be too clogged or maybe clueless Help ! The main problem Im facing is with respect to timestamps ! >timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, throws up errors when restoring database ! while it appears many times in the backup
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