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  1. Thank you for replying with more detailed information. I understand (hope) TCH has nothing to hide, but that's not why I said technical support was dodging the question. I felt technical support was dodging my question b/c they failed to provide the detailed answer you provided. Technical support made no effort to make sure I understood what they were saying. Considering I asked the same question a number of times, it was obvious that their answers were not clear enough. As I said in an earlier post, I have generally had good experiences when communicating with TCH, but the replies I
  2. I had hoped to update this thread with more specific information for others interested in this topic, however technical support seems to be dodging my question. Technical support said that TCH does weekly updates, but no matter how I word the question, they have not given me a straight answer as to how long it will take for archived deleted data to be rotated through the backup cycle so that it is gone for good (as Bruce mentioned). I just wanted to know how the data I upload to TCH is treated (in all aspects, but in this case specifically upon being deleted). As an example, Google rec
  3. Thanks Bruce. Do you know how long it takes to rotate through the backup archives? I'm curious to know how much time would be needed to guarantee all data has been deleted. Thanks again for the info.
  4. I have a reseller's account and would like to delete one of the sites hosted on that reseller account's web space. Since TCH makes backups for their customers, is data ever completely deleted? Or will a snapshot of the deleted site be forever stored on a back up tape somewhere? Thanks in advance for any and all info.
  5. I just submitted a ticket about this but it appears the files currently on my web space are backups. All updates since Oct. 3rd are missing. What happened TCH??? Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. Thanks... I looked over that thread already and found some information. But I'm still unclear about certain things. For example, a family member posted that TCH has a "limitation of 50 emails per 300 seconds that can be sent via your SMTP servers." Where did he find this information? Where is it stated? I want to get my mailing list up and running but also don't want to break rules I don't know about. Are mailing list restrictions clearly listed anywhere? Thanks!
  7. Hi. I am in the process of changing hosts and my current host allows me to have a mailing list that includes up to 1000 addresses per mailing list. Right now my mailing list has about 80 people on it. It is an opt-in opt-out mailing list so more people are free to subscribe when they want and current subscribers can unsubscribe whenever they want as well. I am sure the number of subscribers will grow as my site grows. So, I was wondering what restrictions TCH has about mailing lists and what mailing list features TCH plans come equipped with. Thanks in advance for any info.
  8. Ahh ok. And don't get me wrong. I'm happy with the service so far and definitely like getting fast replies to my questions here on the board. I just had second thoughts about buying the additional plan... wanted to think about it for a little while longer. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks. I have other web space through TCH so I'm not leaving all together. I just had second thoughts about the other account I opened and sent it in as urgent b/c I didn't want too much time to pass risking my money not being refunded.
  10. well yes I received the confirmation email... so I know the ticket got you TCH support... but the ticket is still open and the issue unresolved... I guess my question is better stated as how long does it take to have an issue resolved via support ticket
  11. I submitted a ticket yesterday afternoon and it's still open, so it's been over 24 hours at this point. I was how long tickets normally take to get processed.
  12. Thanks Rick. Will I be able to change the email address on the new account so that both accounts use the same email address or will I be prevented from doing that? I only ask b/c having all web host emails go to the same place will make life a little easier.
  13. I recently purchased a starter plan for a school club I am involved in but would like to buy a simple reseller plan for my other personal sites. When I go to purchase the simple reseller plan TCH.com detects that I already have an account in the system b/c of my previous starter plan purchase. "Our software has detected that you already have an account on our system, to place an additional order on this account please enter your login password below, if you are unsure of this please go here" I entered my password that I created for the starter plan account but got the following m
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