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  1. Thanks for the fast reply, The anser is clear. Topic closed ( only open for a few minutes!) Great service TCH! Osm
  2. Hello Lisa, Thanks for the fast reply, What I ment is that the domain name stays www.domain.nl which is hosted in Holland and stays there. DNS stays at ns1.by004.net I want to set up a blablabla.domain.nl with a frame page pointing to serverip/~blablabla which is the site that would be hosted by TCH. The site would have no dns or domainname pointing to it. Thanks, OSM
  3. Hello TCH, I came along your hosting, and am interested for a hostingplan. However I dont want to change my webhosting and domainnaime.....yet Is it possible to buy a simple plan for $44,- a year and point a subdomain-redirector to the new site? and what would be the adress? s.o. like serverip/~blablabla ? Hope to hear from you, Greetings, OSM
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