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  1. Howdy, folks! Well, here's the problem. For the past week or so, I've been getting emails that say they're from "the admin of" Hotmail, AOL, plenty of high-profile sites with the subject "Your email was blocked" and saying: ------------------ This is an automatically generated E-Mail Delivery Status Notification. Mail-Header, Mail-Body and Error Description are attached *** Server-AntiVirus: No Virus (Clean) *** "LOWNEY" Anti-Virus *** http://www.lowney.net ---------- Lowney.net is my domain. I'll also get ones that seem like they're from "random" users saying: ok ok ok,,,,, here is it and ALL of these emails have the an attachment that has a "zm9" suffix and is just shy of 54 mb in size. These things usually peter out after a few days, but this one hasn't, so I thought I'd drop a line and see if anyone knew what's going on. Thanks in advance -Kevin ...people are into weird things:
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    BEEEEYYOOOOTIFULL! Thank you! Of course, after all this, I'll still try your guestbook, too. I just wanted to see if I could re-remember how to do this. env.pl worked like a charm. BTW- the page you linked has a typo- "Sinply". Thanks again for the help!
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    Hello, I just read Curtis' plight and I, too, am being bothered by CGI. I'm trying to set up a guestbook. Like Curtis, I uploaded the perl file in ASCII and set the permission to '755'. The variables in the code are: guestbookurl = "http://your.host.com/~yourname/guestbook.html"; $guestbookreal = "/home/yourname/public_html/guestbook.html"; $guestlog = "/home/yourname/public_html/guestlog.html"; $cgiurl = "http://your.host.com/cgi-bin/guestbook.pl"; which, after trying several different things, I've set as: $guestbookurl = "http://www.lowney.net/guestbook.html"; $guestbookreal = "/guestbook.html"; $guestlog = "/guestlog.html"; $cgiurl = "http://www.lowney.net/cgi-bin/guestbook.pl"; I've tried several different beginnings to the 'guestbookreal' variable, but haven't (if this is the problem) found the right one. Please help
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