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  1. I should have been more clear: the site was hosted on a personal server (only a Celeron366 with 192mb RAM) which has connection to a fast university connection in Europe. The site required more resources then the old server could provide on peak times. Perhaps you can be more clear about "excessive consumption of resources"? - Is time taken into account (my site needs most resources after major events, which is ~3 days a month) - Is it possible to limit rescources for one user instead of cutting the user off? BTW: Thanks for the fast reply
  2. I always see Bandwith and Space as criteria for webhosting, but never speed. I'm running a site on which photo's of all kind of events can be ordered. Does pull up to 4Gb/month but the previous server (okay, quite old one I guess) didn't have enough resources to display the photos by a php/mysql script (something like Gallery/Coppermine). So, how is the speed at the TCH servers? Prepared to run scripts which require a lot of resources? Or are there some restraints?
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