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  1. I am a bloghosts refugee, and since I moved to TCH I've been having problems sending or receiving trackbacks from Wordpress. Seeing how the only thing that has changed is my host I wonder if TCH has some sort of firewall or something set up to block trackbacks. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  2. I am planning on doing the Cpanel to Cpanel transfer, I just wanted to get a backup copy onto my computer incase something goes wrong with the transfer (hopefully not). Thanks for your help - I'm very excited to move to TCH. -Ellen
  3. I am another Bloghosts refugee and I am about to move from Bloghosts to TCH. However, I want to back up my website before I do. I have generated the backup file but I can't figure out how to ftp it to my computer. I need Super Dummy instructions because I have never FTP'd anything to anything before. Also, can anyone give me an estimate for the downtime associated with a CPanel to CPanel transfer? I'd like to minimize the amount of time my site is down (or at least do it on the weekend when no one will notice). Thanks, Ellen
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