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  1. I was looking for something in common but can't find any. And its not just yahoo/hotmail type emails. Most are normal email accounts that our various contacts have (through their ISP, work etc). We were communicating just fine with these people a few weeks ago.
  2. I have been using the webmail to check the email. I have been doing this to confirm that the client is actualy downloading everything from the server. The client so far works fine. The problem is still that I am not getting everything sent to me (in other words I am not seeign it anywhere, webmail or otherwise). I sent myself several emails this weeknd from a hotmail account, only 1 made it. I have had friends emailing tests this weekend also, and recieved only a few. I don't know of anything on my end that could be causing this. I was able to recieve email fine from all my contacts just a few weeks ago.
  3. I have Spam Assassin turned off (according to the settings in CPanel). Is there some other Spam filtering that always runs no matter what?
  4. Since the last 2 weeks or so, I am not recieving all email that is sent to me. I would say I get about 25% of all email sent. I confirmed this by having a group of normal contacts send emails. I only got about 25% of them (I tried this multiple times or several days). I know my email client works, and I also confirm the mesages are on the server using the CPanel. I have sent a trouble ticket in and the tech was able to use the email just fine. However, the probelm is still there. I am not really sure what to do at this point, two weeks ago I was receving email with no problems. Just wondering is anyone had some ideas of where to troubleshoot further. As I said, the tech support was able to get the email to work so they see no problem. And it does work... just not all the time. Thanks.
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