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  1. One more question... If my old domain will expire on June 2005, and now I register it again with TCH. It will expire on June 2006 or March 2006? Thank you.
  2. cool! I will buy the plan right now.. then I suppose I will receive a welcome email telling me how to request a transfer of Cpanel for me? (I only need transfer some of the folders and databases, not the entire Cpanel... Since my old hosting plan is hosting two different websites for me. I only want to transfer one of them to TCH)
  3. Thank you Andy. Yeah, I would like to give it a shot, since my current hosting company almost drives me crazy these days... May I first open a silver plan then see if I need upgrade to deluxe? 850mb space is enough for me, I just not sure if 20GB bandwidth is OK. And I would like transfer the files first, then run it for several day. If everything goes on well, I will transfer the domain too. So what I should do is to order the silver plan right now? btw: I asked 3rd question while you were answering the first 2 questions. Could you take a look at the 3rd one in my above post?
  4. Hello, I am thinking about buying a Deluxe Plan. But before the final decision, I would like to ask some questions. 1. Right now I am using a hosting service also with C-panel. I read that TCH can help me to copy the files. Does it mean TCH can help me to move all the files under one specific folder and the corresponding databases to my TCH space? After removing, can those websites be run without reconfiguring? (considering the name, account, and password of databases are not changed - I am so worry about losing information in my databases) 2. my current domain is registered at 1and1.com, and it will expire sometimes in April. Is there a way to continue the registration with TCH after the expiration w/o risking losing my domain to others? 3. I am using Gallery in my old site. Is it OK in TCH? Can I install NetPBM for myself? hmm, so far I only have these 3 questions. Maybe more will follow... Thank you for your input.
  5. Thank you for your prompt answer, Rob. Too pity all the parked domains have to point to the root, since my old service can do what I mentioned above... My personal site and the fan site are both not big sites, I really don't intent to buy two service plans for them... Thanks for offering the help. The problem is my current hosting service is down... the c-panel just doesn't work. They said the service will be OK next Friday, but who knows... These two weeks I seldomly could access my site. That's why I want to escape as soon as possible
  6. Hello~ I am running a personal website and a fansite using another hosting service. But their service quite disappoints me, so I am thinking about switching to TCH. Before I do anyhing, I would like to ask some questions and hope you guys could help me ( some may be very stupid ) 1. I have already had two domain names. Can I use one as my main domain name in TCH service, then park the other and let it redirect to a subdomain of my main domain (i.e. I use http://www.1stdomain.com then park and redirect http://www.2nddomain.com to http://www.1stdomain.com/test), so that those two domains look like unrelated with each other? 2. My current ISP said if I asked the refund, "account will be suspended immediately and backup will be set up in another server free to download by customers. Customer details will be deleted from our database immediately. " Since I never did such things before, I am not sure this is all safe for my all files (mySQL databases and other files). What should I do with those backup files when I want to upload to TCH storage space? 3. I am using a blog software called textpattern (http://www.textpattern.com). I am not sure whether your service will support this software or not. I thought it is a simple software (at least much simpler than movabletype), but one of my friends just couldn't set up textpattern at her hosting space (not TCH of course). Well... Right now I am just thinking about these three questions. Some more may be brought up later... Your kind help will be highly appreciated
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