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  1. hey thanx so MUCH!!! u've guys helped so much...
  2. hies.. i have a question.. i have created in ma website many pages that contain materials and one page that contains music video files i find is the page that realli drains my bandwidth so i wanted to set up a password so that only members can access that one page... how do i do that? also is it possible to have ppl sign up for an account in my website to access the pages (like to sign in to their account on my website to access all my pages)? like http://www.boafans.com they have an account system where members are able to access every page... is there a way to do this? my website is http://www.fttsboafans.com if u wanna see for urself... the page i would like to password protect is the Misc page >>> Videos page (especially) if anione can help.. i would greatly appreciate it.. THX SO SO SO SO MUCH! in advance
  3. thx alot! so can i do that wit the rest of my files... put>> folder name/ file name ?
  4. i have a sort of problem... i have just finished my index page for the site and it werked pretty well... the only problem i have is the pics how do i noe the link of my pics in order to place them into the html of the page? when i right-click the image and find the link... it is not accessable... all my pics are in the public_html/images folder... but i dunno what the link for the images in there are... plz help T.T
  5. i have just registered my site on... and when i go to my site... it shows all my files... i was wondering how i can make an index page and where to place it? thx
  6. hee... well one thing that confuses me is about the index page... i was wondering if it is ok if i set up everything b4 i register my domain name? and for the index page... how do i set that up? ima sorri to bother all of uz.. thanx alot tho!
  7. hies... well ima new here... my names Tony and well ima sorta in like a mind block i tried reading the help pages and... well the words flew here and there hee... oki... my first question.. hee... well when i try uploading from frontpage to one of the sites given to me... www.mysite.com hee... lets just say... they say its not there... so does that mean i hafta register it first in order to do anithing? they say i hafta propagate?... what is that? hee.... another thing... how do i well... where do i upload my pages and where do i upload like share files? ima sorri i sound so stupid.. hee.. but i realli need help... thx so much! :hug:
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