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  1. Help! I've lost part of my blog...not sure what's happened but part of my MT blog is missing at: http://bitstream.ca/mt/index.html The entire right column is missing. I haven't changed my templates lately so I'm really confused.....is there any way this could be related to the server migration or??? This is what it should look like (not exactly but you can see what's missing on the right side): http://web.archive.org/web/20050307235945/...a/mt/index.html It's been a year or so since I fist created my blog and it took me several weekends to configure my templates so I am reluctant to start playing around with them until know what has happened. Of course forget most of what I learned about using/configuring MT, so any help at all would be appreciated!
  2. Hi No problem issuing simple mysqladmin commands but if I shange user to root mysqladmin -u root -p status I get Enter password: (I enter what I think is the root password here) mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed error: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)' I guess I need to reset the root password, Can anyone help me here??
  3. Hi Thanks you're right, that wasn't my problem. I was able to connect using a '--no-defaults' option so I figured I needed to look at my my.cnf file. I commented out the PASSWORD line and that seemed to solve my problem. Still seem to have an issue starting my mysql daemon properly. Can't seem to do it thru the osx terminal using cd /usr/local/mysql sudo ./bin/mysqld_safe get a message saying: Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /usr/local/mysql/data and nothing!! But no problems shutting down from the terminal! If I use the OSX mysql pref panel, I can start it, but I seem to need to do it twice. Doing a mysqladmin status gives me a error: 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/private/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)' stopping and starting again using the pref panel and I seem to be ok. funny stuff...actually NOT so funny since I've spent the last mostly sleepless, 5 days getting this to work:(
  4. Hi I have no problem starting the mysql daemon from the mysql pref panel, but when I try and use the OSX terminal using: sudo ./bin/mysqld_safe I get Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /usr/local/mysql/data and nothing happens !!!! But, after I start it using the pref panel, I have no problem shutting down from the terminal using: /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -u root shutdown I checked my '/usr/local/mysql/data' directory, only visible if logged in as root, and my databases seem to be in a nested 'mysql' folder. I wonder if this is part of the problem, maybe mysqld_safe is looking in the wrong place?? Any ideas??
  5. Ok, I think have to create a file `\windows\hosts' with the following information: localhost But how and where does it go in my mysql installation??
  6. Hi I'm setting up a mysql server locally so I can test some pages before pushing live. Everything seems to be working properly, except I can't connect to my database. I've recently installed mysql and ran the 'mysql_install_db' start-up script. If I run: sudo /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqltest Password: I get: /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqltest: Failed in mysql_real_connect(): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) Is this simply a permissions issue?If so, how do I fix it? Thanks in advance! _________________
  7. Hi Note sure where to post this question. I want to create an Mp3 jukebox so I can access and play my MP3 library from the office. But I am wondering if I continuously stream MP'3's I might exceed my monthly bandwidth allowance. Can anyone give me an idea what the bandwidth requirements would be for the following: streaming of MP3, 8 hours a day , 5 days a week for one month for one user. Thanks in advance Jim Bachalo
  8. Hi I want to implement a news section for a flash site I am working on. In order to easily update the news I want to use a CMS tool that ouputs an XML rss feed. Requirements include 1)easy to use and implement 2) free (or at least inexpensive 3)web based so the news can be updated from anywhere 3)not a requirement by open source mean it will benefit from contant development Applications I have been considering include Magnolia (magnolia.info) and webgui (plainblack.com/) Also of course Movable type Can anyone offer some suggestions? Thanks in advance! Jim Bachalo
  9. Hi I'm creating a flash based site for a client that will have a contact form. Previously I've used a form mail php script to get this working. Is there something similar on TCH? has anyone set up a form page in flash on TCH that can give me some help? Thnaks in advance Jim Bachalo
  10. Hi I'm currently doing a site re-design for a freelance client of mine and I am going to recommend he switch to TCH for hosting. The site will be flash based, have quite a bit of video content and a movable type blog component. I will need prompt support in getting the blog working properly in a timely fashion. So, what I need is help in putting together a convincing argument for my client to make the switch, since he is happy with his current hosting service. If I passed along the url of his current (old) site to give an idea of the amount of video content, could someone give me a recommendation on the best TCH hosting package and what it would cost? I've already emailed sales but haven't received a reply. Thanks in advance Jim Bachalo ****************
  11. Hi I'd like to back up my current site. However, every time I try to I get a server disconnect after downloading only a small portion of my site. Is there a way to turn this off?
  12. Hi I have one MT blog running properly and I'm trying to set up additional blogs under the same top level domain. Initially this is for testing until I can convince my client to purchase MT for their site. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks Jim Bachalo
  13. Hi Bruce I was hoping to set up a PHP formmail script to test with flash remoting. Please see http://www.flash-db.com/remoting/?serviceI...ategory=Utility Is there no way to do this on TCH? I have a client that requires a complete overhaul of their flash site. Thanks for any help Jim Bachalo
  14. Hi I'd like to implement a formToMail.php script on TCH. Has anyone done this? Can you give some suggestions and/or help? Thanks Jim Bachalo
  15. Hi I've successfully added a banner to my home page by modifying the main index template. However when I selct categories or Archives my banner image disappears. Any suggestions? Also, after editing my archive template whenever I choose archives or some of my recent categories or a recent entry I get a 'smarty error'. ie Smarty error: the $compile_dir '/home/bitstre/public_html/mt/templates_c' does not exist, or is not a directory. What causes this and how can I avoid them?
  16. solved the mt-static path StaticWebPath /~username/mt-static/ The '~' is needed in front of the username. Cheers!
  17. When I try and view my mt-static folder from the browser I get the following message: You cannot view the contents of this directory. If you are installing Movable Type for the first time, look at the Installation Instructions. I'm guessing its a permissions thingee.
  18. Thanks guys...and gals:)!! I'll try both your suggestions but have achieved a minor victory, my MT blog is displaying: temporary till my domain name propagates any info on the TCH forums on editing the default MT templates/styles? I'm super excited about being part of the MT dynamic publishing world. Already recommeding TCH to friends and associates, thanks for the prompt replies! All the best Jim
  19. Hi sort of a follow-up to my last post. When I access 'cgi-bin/mt.cgi' the login screen seems to be missing images and/or styles which leads me to believe that perhaps that the mt-static path is incorrect in my mt.cfg file. I'm using StaticWebPath /mt-static/ Also, perhaps the files were ftp'd incorrectly, but I uploaded the original mt tar.gz and extracted using the cp file manager as per instructions. Any suggestions appreciated! Jim Bachalo
  20. Hi I'm a newcomer to TotalChoice, my primary motivation is to get really into blogging in a big way using movabletype. I'm no expert so forgive me if my questions seem naive. Hopefully I can make some friends along the way. I've successfully installed MT, ran the mt_check and mt-load.cgi. A side note: the TCH instructions for installing MT are woefully inadequate. For instance nothing mentioned about changing permissions on the .cgi's. Just my two cents worth. Now I'm trying to create a new blog. My first question (sorry, I know its a long one) I've previously installed MT on my home machine (OSX Apche etc) for testing so already have a MT username and password. Does this mean I always have to log in to my own machine (http://localhost/cgi-bin/mt.cgi) whenever I want to edit or create a new MT blog? or can I access the mt.cgi I successfully installed on the TCH server? I'm having problems logging in to mt.cgi installed on TCH using my existing username/password. 2nd question I think part of the problem is the Local Site and Archive Paths in the configuration for my new blog. Can anyone give some examples of what they might be? I've created a folder called 'mt' within my public_html folder. Within the 'mt' folder I've created a folder called 'archives'. As well, all cgi's are within my cgi-bin folder and the remainder of course within a folder called mt-static, also in my public_html folder. Any help greatly appreciated! Jim Bachalo
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