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  1. hey guys, i resubmitted a support ticket as you instructed. Later i recieved a response stating that a mysql instance had been found opened and that by closing they had fixed the issue; but the problem still persist. I took a screen capture of the cpanel showing that it diplays a failed status and opened yet another ticket. anyway, I'm reposting here because each time i get a reply they close the ticket and I have to start a whole new one. Is there a way to simply reopen the same ticket if the problem persist? what is proper procedure for me to do on my end? Thanks, ron
  2. Sorry guys, I wasn't trying to be a pain in the butt; I suspected that maybe I had done something wrong to cause this and was seeking direction on what i could do to fix it. i posted it initially just to see if others were able to see it - before I bugged help desk who i'm sure have plenty to do already. I never ever have a problem with TCH or any of you guys. I think you blow the competition out of the water- truly, I mean that sincerly! a year ago i screwed up and left permissions wide opened on some files and got my site vandalized becuase of it - I was afraid I had done it again. It took so long to get everything rebuilt again that I was frantic to get help today. stay cool, thanks for your help and patience, Ron
  3. Thats weird, I'm not the only one unable to get it to page up. It started last night and without my changing anything. and then there is the fact that cpanel is still showing mysql as failed. Then on top of it all; why was this moved to a private thread out of public view?????
  4. Starting last night it takes over two minutes to access my site ronpemberton.com If it can be accessed at all. It normally takes only 2-4 seconds. I haven't made any changes before this started, so i logged into cpanel and it shows that the status of mysql is failed. I wrote a support ticket to help desk who responded promptly as usual; but Duncan responded that he found no problem with accessing my site and he closed the ticket. I and two other people are experiencing the same results and cpanel still shows the big red dot of failure on mysql for server 386. Could others here in the forum please try to access my site and report back the results please. Thanks in advance, Ron
  5. Yes, PHP. And thank you for your replies.
  6. I've chosen a gallery package that i want to install, but I need to know if safe mode is "on" here at TCH before I install it. It doesn't work with safe mode on. If we do have it on here, can it be turned off for my installation? Thanks in advance, Ron
  7. I want to create a second website with it's own domain address and I'm not sure where to start. At present I have a site ronpemberton.com installed here with WordPress and want to keep it personal and seperate from other websites. The second site will utilize WordPress 2.0 and have it's own domain name. Q: If I create a new database along side the one I already have, can I direct a new domain just to it? What do i enter at GoDaddy.com? How do I access it with SmartFTP client and not my original site database? Could someone please tell me steps 1-10; I would be most grateful. I have googled and search through tutorials all day. I'm a virgin to this whole database creation thing. Thanks in Advance!
  8. It isn't that I use Outlook to view the internet; I don't. It was a seperate problem that occured at the same time as some others. Leading me to believe that it was my personal computer that was causing all my woes. Not TCH server. But thank you for your response. thanks bill for your response, but I need someone to first tell me what a "trace route" is, and then how to do one. I don't have clue, so if you could break it down step-by-step, I would be most grateful. Thanks, Ron
  9. Thanks for your response. At least now I have isolated to my computer. Kris gave a fast response to a support ticket, and had no problem either. I need to find what has been causing these quirks here lately. My Outlook 2002 won't open anymore - keeps asking for Outlook Express 4.0 or higher. Anyway, thanks for your help Update: all of a sudden I have access again.
  10. I wasn't sure if this was the proper thread, if not, sorry. but I need a quick helping a minute. Can anyoneelse access my site at ronpemberton.com. I can go to my cpanel, but nothing else. It was just fine, but I followed a link back to the homesite of a visitor who left a comment. And I wasn't able to get back to my site again. I have tried several approaches, including restarting the computer itself. Anyway, if someone could check and let me know if they could access my homepage, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  11. I have changed the settings under internet options, and it didn't work. As an aside, When I removed the entire Office 2002 suite from the computer, and then reinstalled it; it still had the same Preference settings and add-ons in Outlook that it did before removal. Such as; Snagit plugin. If it was completely removed and reinstalled, how could this be so? Is there some preference files that should be manually removed?
  12. Suddenly MS Outlook doesn't open anymore. In three years never a problem. Outlook says it can't open because it needs Outlook express 4.1 or above. This is on my computer, although I haven't used it since January since I switched to Thunderbird. Outlook has been working fine until today. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled. I have run the repair on the original CD. No change. I haven't made any changes to anything that would effect it. Everything MS is on autoupdate with XP Pro. SP2 Q; What could have changed? Thanks in advance
  13. All was fine this morning, then it disappeared and cpanel with it? Account is paid, passwords correct; so, what could this be?
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