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  1. Cool, thanks. I just tried it and http://edthecomputerwizard.com/ and it is still working as it should but http://blog.edthecomputerwizard.com/ is still opening an "Index of /" page. So, I'll open a support ticket. ~Ed
  2. I want my site to stay the same. http://edthecomputerwizard.com/ but I want to add a Wordpress blog at: http://blog.edthecomputerwizard.com/ Right now, I just get an "Index of /" page when I look at the blog site.
  3. Yes, the Fantastico tool created one for me. nifty little tool, I'm sure I set something up wrong. Can you take a look, or should I submit a ticket? EdTheCoputerWizard.com
  4. If I want to put a blog on my page at http://blog.MyPage.com do I need to set up a sub-domain? I tried setting one up like that and all I see is a listing of all the files in that folder, so I guess I'm missing something. Thanks! ~Ed
  5. Everything looks and works great! Thanks a lot.
  6. Hello, Please add me to the family pages site. 1. My web page is: http://edthecomputerwizard.com/ 2. The name of the site is: Ed "The Computer Wizard" 3. We provide technical services for home and business users, as well as computer forensics and data recovery in the San Antonio area. 4. The site is commercial. 5. The link back is located in my template file and is therefore replicated to all the linked pages. ;-) Thanks! Ed
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