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  1. Ok, so I am working off of a photoshop template that was designed for me. I have not had any problems to date from the image side of it, but now I am having one issue that seems to be reoccuring. I open up the original template and make my modification but when I save it over to my html folder, choosing the specific slice of the page that I want to save and it asks me to replace the old image, I accept. But when I view it in IE it does not update. I have tried every button, option that I can think of and it just isn't happening....any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hi all! I have had some help with my site and we will be launching soon. I would like a banner or button of some sort to place on my site to direct interested people to sign up with TCH, with your permission of course. Is there a link to get a hold of these sort of things? Thanks! Jason
  3. That makes a lot more sense now, many thanks. I have a feeling that I will be upgrading before too very long to a more comprehensive bandwith package.
  4. well now how am I supposed to control what everyone in the world does? heh I mean, I can't control how many people are going to hit my site.... and I don't remember having this concern before but maybe it was because it was something that was never discussed or that I did not pick up on......maybe you guys are just more detailed, I don't know...but when I put my big site up, I ain't paying 100 dollars a month for the world to access my site LOL....you know? thats a little extreme I know but still....
  5. Does this include other people accessing my site?
  6. I know, based on my ohter posts, that this post will likely be moved to somehwere...I couldnt seem to find the appropriate spot to post this up on. I noticed one thing that troubled me. Even though I am not letting anyone download files off of my site, i am still using bandwith. Nominal at best bandwith, but its still being used. I am about to launch a pretty big site, and when i do, I don't want to worry about it going down because of this reason. So, if I need to upgrade now, or soon, I wanted to know... Thanks Jason
  7. I am amazed at the hosting service here at TCH. I am really pleased with a lot of aspects, too many to list here. One thing is for sure, I will be around a good while and that TCH and I have a very pleasant future ahead as it seems now. I just wanted to give a big 'high five' to you guys, I am impressed and that means a lot coming from me...(I dont say that often). I don't have my site complete yet, it is being designed as we speak...hopefully it'll be running in full swing in a week or two. So good job TCH, keep it up! Jason
  8. My apologies for my post then. I am not solicting anything, but I didnt know where else to put this...my apologies. Thanks all!
  9. Lets suppose that I am not interested in a sub par site and that I am willing to entertain a site designed for me, with the eventuality of it bringing some revenue for me. Is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction? I am willing to accept quotes to jasonl@cablelynx.com as well. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks a ton! Jason
  10. Well, I have most my site constructed in Frontpage at them moment. What would you suggest? Dreamweaver?
  11. I am designing my site with Frontpage. Everything seems to be working ok now but my tables are drawing very differently when viewed with Mozilla vs when the site is viewed with IE. Any tips, suggestions on how I might be able to make this pesky problem go away? Thanks ahead of time!
  12. Both my main text cells on the left and right side are set to a certain width, yet its not taking affect for some reason. Here look at this <td width="127" bgcolor="#333333" style="margin-left: 10"> <p style="margin-left: 3"><font size="1" color="#FFFF00">Welcome to XPG!</font></p> <p style="margin-left: 3"><font size="1">Yes, its true, Ady has a home on the web now. I will be posting news on various items that I have my hands in.....</font></p> <p style="margin-left: 3"><font size="1">more....</font></td> <td width="12" height="246"> </td> <td width="375" height="246" align="center" style="margin-right: -10; margin-top: 0"> <i> <img border="0" src="images/lightning-2a7z.gif" width="303" height="196" align="middle"></i></td> <td width="11" height="246"> </td> <td bgcolor="#333333" width="127" height="246"> <p style="margin-left: 5"><font size="1" color="#FFFF00">Coming Soon-</font></p> <p style="margin-left: 5"><font size="1">This is a constant work in progress and there is a lot of content very soon to come. I will have a forum and even a member section soon, so what this space for details!</font></td> I have figured it out to a degree....but....the tables draw correctly for IE but do not draw correctly for MOzilla. Is there a way I can fix this? Thanks a ton!
  13. I don't know, I was tired and a tad frustrated last night. I am going over the code now in detail picking out different things I did. I guess I am going to have to write most of these table params by hand, since Frontpage isn't keeping them consistent for me. Any suggestions and tips are always welcome. Jason But just answer me one question...why is it that I can format one cell of a table to a specific size in pixels, and format a different cell to the same size in pixels and yet they display different sizes in a browser??? LOL wild
  14. Hi all, I am designing my first site in Frontpage and I am having issues with the tables. I get the tables set just like I like them in the editor, even preview them in IE but when I upload to the site, they are all different widths!!! <yanks on hair> I tried setting it to width by pixels, and percent, but to no avail. I need a table expert to give me a few pointers if anyone can! Thanks a ton all! Jason
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