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  1. It's all back ! just like magic. It was some small issue that required a reboot. Thanks for all your advice. Rock Sign
  2. I have submitted a support ticket and I have not received any word on the status. Now , everything on my site is gone. my site comes up as a blank page. The files are still there though. When I attempted to upload a site backup it says that the files already exist. but I can't see them. weird. Yuck!
  3. I am on Server 72 and I have been for a couple of months. then just today my ftp program is showing all these empty folders. files are missing, etc Cpanel says it has no record of my ever logging in before. My contact email is missing. all my email accounts are missing it still says that I have 213.65 Megs of disk usage ? please tell me this is only a temporary server kink. This is the first time I have had problems with my hosting other than rare system problems. nothing like this before.
  4. Thanks to everyone who helped. totalchoicehosting is a greatest webhosting around. Rock Sign by the way, how long does it normally take for the nameservers to catch up with the move?
  5. when attempting to connect to the shared SSL on server67 I first told this: Then this: I replied that I am not a reseller and my account is the silver plan.this includes a shared SSL. So I asked to be moved to a server where I could use a shared SSL since I only want to test functionality. to which I received this: My question is why should I have to start another account when shared SSL is supposed to be included. Do these people receive commission for selling SSL installs and licenses? All I want is what is supposed to be included in my original ho
  6. I need to know if I have root access to the MySQL server, I am not sure. I know I can create and add users to the db through cpanel but I am trying to install a script that requires root access. opendocman found at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/opendocman/ it requires root access in order to auto install. thanks for your time.
  7. I am trying to install opendocman 1.2 for testing and it confirms: installing... Database Created Database Selected Could not set GRANT; <<<<<<<<<<<<this is the problem when I attempt to login as admin it says that it did not find the proper tables. I have watched it in phpmyadmin and it does not create any tables. btw, where did the user creation and permission settings in phpmyadmin move too? I can no longer find them since the upgrade. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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