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  1. Hi folks, Here's a question for both TCH admin types and for other users. Anybody have experience with posting to Movable Type via email? This is the one way I've seen anybody actually accomplish it: pop3-to-blog.pl. I'm muddling through my own installation -- someday I will understand cron jobs, but it's not today -- but I thought I should stop and see whether it works at all given all the changes with MT. I'm using 3.3 BTW, and hope to post to my blog from my Blackberry while on the run, which is always it seems. And now here's the part for TCH admin types. Apparently, to use this I need on my server: Mail::POP3Client Net::Blogger File::Temp File::Basename Mail::Address I assume we have all these modules because the fella/lady linked above is a TCH customer too. But so with many servers and so much time passing, you never know. Thanks for any help y'all can offer. --Norlos
  2. I know this is an old thread, but I have a similar problem. Any solution ever pop up?
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