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  1. So I opened a support ticket about this, and (I don't mean to be rude) but it didn't help me at all. Anyway, as of Tuesday my forum puts out this error. >mySQL query error: SELECT f.*, c.id as cat_id, c.position as cat_position, c.state as cat_state, c.name as cat_name, c.description as cat_desc, c.image, c.url, m.member_name as mod_name, m.member_id as mod_id, m.is_group, m.group_id, m.group_name, m.mid FROM ibf_forums f, ibf_categories c LEFT JOIN ibf_moderators m ON (f.id=m.forum_id) WHERE c.id=f.category ORDER BY c.position, f.position mySQL error
  2. do you guys block Outboucd TCP requests? I have a block at www.logisticalsoldiers.com Bottom left and I read up on why its not working, and it could be because of the host. Do you guys block Outbound TCP Requests?
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