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  1. Thanks guys. It looks like I lost 6 hours of emals. No problem, I can recover. My real question is what did this person acheive? Did he just show his prowess by screwing us all? Did he collect some sort of info? What?
  2. I specifically set up a forward to test if my isp is getting email from you. Since the isp is called fastwave.net, the forward is fastwave. When I email to fastwave@justtennis.net it gets forwarded to rmarks@fastwave.net. I just email-ed from another account to the fastwave@justtennis.net and it did not get to my isp. I then went to www.justtennis.net/cpanel and clicked on Webmail and logged into Hoarde and the pull down of all the mailboxes does not even show a "fastwave" inbox. And I looked in all the other things on the list and the message I sent was not there? Is it possible that
  3. I did, about an hour ago. But this has been going on for about two days. How come you guys did not know of it. I'm a tennis pro trying to do some eBusines in San Diego, not a computer guru. I've been going thru a lot of trouble for these two days with dropped and missing orders and email. I posted on this forum to see if I'm the only one who noticed the problem.
  4. What is the story on email from my tch server (www.justtennis.net) being black listed by Spam Cop. I have a ton of forwards some to my ISP (www.fastwave.net) and since fastwave uses SpamCop, I cannot forward. since I use this for eCommerce, I wonder how many of my clients are not getting email.
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